1-9 Creation2Completion – Chapter Eight – “X” IT

8 carries *
“8 contains an X”
Chaldean sounds/formats to ‘Child Aeon’

A 33 turned toward itself combines to an 8. Man sees it another way. We see the 8 as a counter, a numb error, infinity or unexplainable. 8 is preceded by the sequences of 1234567. 8 precedes 9.

The Jesus Christ story is repeated dozens of time and names. It was an event. that event is Sun/Moon in sky and inside you – Brain/Heart — Male/Female.

A “3” is virtually a 1/2 of an “8”. The “8” has a super secret it holds. All the numbers and combinations do. A man and woman play opposite sides of the “8 Track” of Love.

Is “8” a closed loop & an Exit?

When you become “8” – you start over. And again every 7 years. It is built into our DNA to interface with our self imposed prison. We are examining every particle of ‘being god’.

In the Chaldean letter/digit system “8” belongs to letters F and P. This means Final Perfection. It also means 6 as F is the sixth. “Sixth Perfection”. Yes, “8” is a closed loop & an Exit!

F6+P15=21 as 2/1 or 2 to 1

Creation 2 Completion is a 3 part plan. Founded by and maintained by the Creator and It’s Manifestations (IM).

Our world today is opposite, one after another. What if the 8 proves everything we see outside as a spiral also has the inward spiral quality?

  • Many Beings for One Mind
  • Many Minds for One Being
  • Many Minds/Many Beings Being One
  • woman first
  • man first
  • M/W/First
  • God first
  • Man First
  • god/Man First

Master Able Noble
Mystery – Mastery – My Story

The synopsis below is companioned with a more data filled multi perspective version with links and credits on our Patreon page here.

fractals vs spirals

The “8” contains and offers both to duality beings – Us. We carry both of these two views at the same time (also occurring inside/outside us) — while we attempt to rationalize it. We do this by ‘zooming in’ our focus and getting agreements from peers to engage that behavior.

Duals have 2 Views

We know there are two views and we choose how to engage them with the help and support of each other. We prove in this way we are interconnected.

Our first view is that earth and all beings exist independently, that the world is a collection of independent beings. Life and death of one being is unrelated to the life and death of another. Separations are accepted as law.

Counter views are that all beings exist in relation to other beings. All manifesting from One Perfect Mind. Unity is allowed or Ah-Law.

The “8” shows the connections metaphorically. Our mind may choose to see a closed loop if it satisfies. Interconnectedness is the observable true nature of all beings and their Power and Intelligence. We are connected to each other, the air via breath and to the universe via senses and thought, emotion.

fractals vs spirals
JT Whatley: “We are Connected Interdependent beings living in a Recursive aka Fractalic and Spralic or centripetal/Centrifugal Embedded (Infinitely Nested) Uni-verse (One Song).

Your power is located in that space that is referred to when one says Namaste’: “I honor that place in you, that when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me…we are ONE!”

Mandelbrot Fractal
You inside you. You inside Earth inside the Galaxy inside of God says: the universe is a creation of 8 Trees coming together and that if you understand what is being said you hold the key to the Uni-verse.

You can take away all the geometry once you understand that the 8 Trees are pointing to the CENTER. 8 cubes do the same thing!! Using cubes, you still outline 8 Trees. It doesn’t matter what you use.

8 cubes + 1 center cube
= 9 the number of completion.

Since it is a fractal that contains everything, any meaning can be assigned to it from the outside looking in. It can be anything you want, like with Quantum Physics. However, there is one true point of view and that is only seen in the eye of the storm.”

As we approach 8 as a child we will enter the 3rd grade.

We will be leaving 2nd grade behind. We ill leave 7 and enter 8 for the first time in our life. For a child, going from 7 to 8 and 2nd to 3rd grade is the most meaningful time of your early life outside of being born.

As we approach 8, we look for meaning to this new addition to our sequence as we are becoming more aware everyday. If we are kept distracted and heavily focused on worldly activities, we may not remember much of this time in our life.

The significance is not less when noticed less. It is more. The 8 will always be contended with as part of the numeric design of Creation and the personal meaning we each attach to it.

As in anything, to understand 8 we must know it’s predecessor, the 7. The 7 is the key to unlocking 8 and seeing 8 as an exit or “X” and not a closed endless loop of intensity, pain and restarts.

Fear Gone – Ears On

Man as a 3 and Woman as a 3 will merge and equalize regard for each other and become a complete. The value of 6 will lose it’s fear of 7 and join her in the center of the 8 where the target or exit point is. Together, 6 and 7 (13) will leap together as a team of Ma’at – into the “X” of the Eight, (13+8=21) — the exit point to prove achievement and worthiness to meet 9 where they will become.

“Y6” is afraid of seven, six is wondering wanderer.
My personal 7 to 8 story below:

Ants in Words

  • 1420 words containing ance
  • 386 words containing ancy
  • 1568 words containing ence
  • 377 words containing ency
  • 11458 words containing ent
  • 9349 words containing ant
  • ant so on

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