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1-9 Creation2Completion
– Chapter Six


“6” and “9” are rotating. What is holding these bursting energies from spinning apart. We know the trinities hold all together. “6” has two “3’s” in it. “9” has three “3’s” in it.

Rotate something fast enough for the centrifugal force to be greater than the forces holding it together, and it flies apart. You can see this happening on many an amateur potter’s wheel.

Our zoomed in focus on worldly affairs has caused memory loss on the bigger picture. We know a transition is on the horizon. It is time to wake from our dream.

The hierarchies and archetypes do not want you to know why Six is afraid of Seven and Why Six thinks Seven Ate Nine. Read on to find out why.

…get ready world, (you will not notice unless you are not ice)
“5” is also “S” (cling and go) – “6” and “9” are also “S” Pinning. All powered by trinity and managed by “7”
is anyone ready for their life code?

It is sitting in under our nose in the keys board!

S + ix = “69” – Six/Sex

“6” is the same symbol as “9” but upside down. They are a spiral and a fractal. How can they meet?

“6” and “9” are the same. One turns right (nine) and one turns left (six).

“6” is the end of Stage Two of Ma’at but also the beginning of the last three steps of Man’s understanding – from 6 to 8 or 678 which adds to “21”, the number of going home and the letter “V”.

“6” gets to ‘meet Nine’ but does not become Nine. “9” is reserved. Proven by the lost civilizations brought forward by the Chaldeans. See our extended materials list.

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the word

Galaxies shouldn’t be able to stay together at the speed they rotate. It’s as if there is more matter we can’t see, holding them together. The invisible power or ‘gravity force’ we casually observe holding things together is mistakenly called ‘dark matter’ even though it is invisible.

‘Dark matter’ is inferred from the behavior of matter under this invisible and undetectable ‘clingy’ gravitational influence. The same force that keeps living things and the Earth viable, concise, precise, fully powered and intelligent.

Somehow, man is saying and agreeing the invisible and undetectable force of all things and considered everywhere to be the main ingredient of 95%+ of all things is to be labelled ‘dark matter’ and until it can be defined – no God shall be recognized. Cool set up, eh?

“Whereas time causes grief and other emotions to alter and cease, when has the mere passage of time ever persuaded anyone that he has had enough of “twice two are four” or “all radii of a circle are equal” and made him change his mind about such beliefs and give them up?” Galen, Doctrine of Hippocrates

Speech, Ideas make Beliefs & Lies

“the word” is in fact speech and ideas being exchanged and it’s effects. When you are silently conversing with yourself, by your reason, it reaches back to you with a word at every movement of your thought.

Whatever you think, there is a word there… You must see it and speak it in your mind, thus, the word is a second person within you, thinking with you as you utter speech. There are two of you.

The word is itself a different thing from yourself. A hidden or shadow self. Is this all transacted in and with God? Are you travelling with God as your partner? Does that explain where digits, sounds and language are developed from?

“6” is inward/outward

6 will lose it’s fear of 7 and join her (13) in the center of the 8, (8+13=21) — where the target or exit point is.
Together, 6 and 7 will leap together as a team of Ma’at – into the “X” of the Eight and return “21”.

The exit point to prove achievement and worthiness to meet 9 where they will become. In an instant they will return to One with full Wisdom. 

There are two forces present in all things and described and implied in the symbols “6” and “9”. They are the same, but opposite. One has ‘clinging and bursting’ to the right, the other to the left.

Schauberger realized there are two forms of motion in nature — outward and inward. We see this in the left turning spiral of the “6”. Inertia causes an inward pulling from the infinitesimal center point and an outward bursting at once.

The outward motion is expansive and destructive. It generates heat, pressure, and even death. It was only these acts of separation and murder that mankind is pretending to remember, in regard to energy production.

On the other hand, the inward, implosive quality of “6” and water produces coolness, suction, powerful vortices, and health benefits; it is used to build up and energize, and is therefore life-enhancing and life-promoting.

Like the “6” and Nature, there are two energies operating simultaneously. Considered only possible by God, to be still and in motion at once, yet this exists in all living things and is casually observable. “6” and “9” are the same. One turns right (nine) and one turns left (six).

S-ix. (In Rome ‘ix’ shows to the left is minus, to the right is more)
How do we have less/more together?
Digits-Symbols tell All

One is clingy and vortices inward, the other is exploding, bursting and expiring to the outside.
Opposites on the same team.

Protecting the secret of water is a means to protect the interest-power of money, separations and murder/cannibalism. Fear and lack must be believed. Free access to nutrition and mechanical energy are such radical ideas that our concept of the world and all ideologies would be turned upside-down.

The secret of “6” is the same secret of water. It is the capital of Capital and the keys are all under our noses on the keyboard.

“The common thread running through heliocentrism, evolution, psychology, and communism is that there is no God.
Indeed, atheism is logically a necessary element for each of those man-made philosophies to stand.” – Edward Hendrie

We all have a deep sense of to remember where we came from and we see it every time we look at another person’s face. We can see that remembrance of our origin and we can hear it.

Our zoomed in focus on worldly affairs has caused memory loss on the bigger picture. We know a transition is on the horizon. It is time to wake from our dream.

Digits are called numbers or symbols. They are the language of the Universe. In India Allah means Arm Leg Leg Arm Head or All-Ah. 5 letters. MAN means Master Able Noble.

One is clingy and vortices inward, the other is exploding, bursting and expiring to the outside. Opposites on the same team. How?

From our perspective we see the outward effects of the material world. But how can the infinitesimal center of the “6” and “9” show us the origin/author more clearly. When we study the Monad story of the single point that Creation sprang forth from – we see the numbers develop naturally as Creation evolved.

Thomas Taylor’s Theoretic Arithmetic. 1816

Monadic Nomadic

A Monad is a single point or the One. It is the first, whole, indivisible, complete, and the origin and source of all other numbers.

In sacred geometry, it is represented as the circle, while “2” is represented as the vesica Pisces while “3” is obtained by utilizing the newly formed points within the vesica Pisces to form a triangle “4” is a square, and so on.

The Monad is considered a symbol and metaphor for the Creator, the One. It is the principle and ingredient/base element of numbers, which while multitude is diminished by subtraction, is itself deprived of every number, and remains stable and firm since it is not possible for division to proceed beyond the monad. For if we divide the one which is in sensibles into parts, again the one becomes multitude and many; and by a subtraction of each of the parts we end in one. And if we again divide this one into parts, the parts will become multitude; and by an ablation of each of the parts, we shall at length arrive at unity.

The Monad only goes one way, back to One. Itself the author of all numbers.

Every number on the Sun movements and dates exactly match the Jesus Christ Son story, numbers, timelines and dates. Is that even possible a real man has all the same numbers and dates as the Sun? Logic dictates the story of Jesus is a metaphor for a major transition in Mankind at year zero.

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