Format of the Heart & Brain

Format of the Heart & Brain

“Our personal movements, exercise and breathing enable part of the ability of blood and other fluids to move through the body. Our collaboration is vital. –”

Who Are this Dynamic Pair?

Aristotle considered the heart as the center of reason, thought, and emotion, senior to the brain in importance. Ninth century Arabic philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi believed that, “The ruling organ in the human body is the heart; the brain is a secondary ruling organ subordinated to the heart.” Auguste Comte, a 19th century French philosopher declared that the brain should be servant to the heart. Read Gaia Heart Intelligence Here Modern science viewing technology has brought new understanding of the Heart’s Intelligence. It had always been thought the actions of the Heart were a Lymbic (Limbic) response and there was not Intelligence coming from the Heart. We now know from experiments and study there are at least 40,000 neurons (Brain Cells) dedicated to the Heart. This means there is an Intelligent partnership between the Heart and Brain and that they do indeed have Intelligent communications behind the scenes, so to speak and that we can detect or ignore, to a point. Here is all we know as of today in this link: Heart Coherence, Law of And Here: Heart Math Institute
The Brain has different regions for different functions and there are many parts of the regulatory and nervous system which all provide data and storage and analysis (or a rendering). This network of highly complex Organs are arranged to receive electrical impulses through the Five Senses. Plus innumerable functions of the Pineal Gland network where the hunches and ESP seem to originate. Other bodily regulatory functions are handled in this sub network of the Brain. The Brain is partnered with the Heart and the Heart is a Sympathetic/Eternal /Feminine Energy based Organ with Intelligence. The Brain hears all messages from the Heart but can use stimuli, noise and distraction to look past or ignore the Heart’s messages. The Brain is more of a Calculator and Schemer so if it wants to or it is led, it can ignore the Heart.

Meat Eating Resulted in Brain Evolution?

“Neurons, which use twice the energy as any other cell type in the body, run almost exclusively on glucose. They don’t run on protein and fat. Moreover, because neurons aren’t able to store glucose as glycogen as other cells in the body do, they must receive glucose in constant supply. That’s glucose that must be received from the bloodstream 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even while you’re asleep. That’s glucose for some 86 billion neurons, more than any other primate; by comparison, gorillas contain about 33 billion and chimpanzees only 28 billion neurons. That’s glucose in amounts that could not possibly be supplied by any abundance of meat eating.” Evolving Health – Full Article here The Heart handles all other coding, information and Intelligence. It is the main energizer or power station for your blood cells. The Heart is a part of the Blood Organ. New techniques of observing the blood and the Heart show the Heart is not a pump but instead a Vortexing mechanism happens when the Oxygen starved Blue Blood cells get to the door of the Heart. The Heart door opens, the blue blood enters, gets Vortexed or reset and the exit door opens and the blood moves out on its new Vortex energy. Not because of a pump action. Our personal movements, exercise and breathing enable part of the ability of blood and other fluids to move through the body. Our collaboration is vital. The Heart has been said to have much more influence than bodily function over the Ages and in all the stories and songs. “Follow your Heart” Under ideal conditions, the Heart and Brain are perfectly harmonious in their thinking, calculating and decisions. In other words, all feedback, responses and application are done through a ‘checking’ process where each other, the Heart and Brain must validate each other. Natural functions of the body and the mind are truly a masterpiece of design and possibility. The ability to adapt is magnificent. The level of endurance under varying conditions are unmatched in the Sentient world. We are so amazing we can live with our Brain activity and Heart activity literally having a distance relationship inside our Being and our Communities while our DNA runs the regeneration/waste management duties and our governments run our community obligations. They (Heart and Brain) can lead and refer to each other at will or simply by ‘letting conditions direct’ them. At any moment, they can refer to revere each other. In other words, without a relationship that is fulfilling to both, the distanced Heart and Brain lead to a Sentient Being Blowing in the wind. A Sentient Being Blowing in the Wind can be taken and exploited and used to grow just about anything. This is what we see today. That is quite a spread. From an All Powerful Co Creator of I Am to allowing ourself to ‘blow in the wind’. We started as the Home team, we have become the Away team. Now we merge both teams.

How much Fat covers the average Brain and Heart?

For older men and women, the risks of belly fat are particularly troubling, because the lack of exercise and bad diet plus for women their estrogen after menopause behaves differently the way fat distributes. Many of us transition from a pear shape (curvier hips and thighs) to an apple shape, which means more fat accumulates around our middle. Studies have proven a person over 65 who exercises 7 days a week has increasing mass/muscle in hes Heart and increasing elasticity or a Heart that is growing Younger. That same study also looked at 24 to 35 year olds who did not exercise. Their Hearts were losing Mass/Muscle and Elasticity or their Hearts were growing Older. Besides the obvious, here is another list of benefits of exercise:
  • Protects you from osteoporosis.
  • Protects your joints.
  • Speeds up your metabolism encouraging weight loss.
  • Makes you less prone to injury.
  • Tones loose muscles.
  • Provides Peace and Happiness
We have developed a way to get all info about ourselves from made to order fast style delivery methods now in place everywhere. After school, peers, parents and the media we learn to look outside ourselves for all answers. As far back as we look, Men and Women, in almost every culture, had a mutually beneficial relationship. We have always found a way to balance our ‘give and take’ relationships. What is missing today is Regard for Others generally and this has happened in tandem with Men and Women’s views of each other. We have learned to look away as necessary to maintain our busy and mentally filled lifestyles. We have myriads of man-made stimuli to access and occupy our time and focus.

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