“19” -M45- Lunisolar Calendars & Air or Density – Where do Thoughts Originate

“19” -M45- Air or Density – Where do Thoughts Originate

From V Shauberger: “Protecting the secret of water is a means to protect the interest-power of money. Only in an economy of scarcity can interest thrive. The price of food and the cost of mechanical power would sink to such low levels that speculators would be able to gain nothing from them. Free access to nutrition and mechanical energy are such radical ideas that our concept of the world and all ideologies would be turned upside-down…The secret of water is the capital of Capital—which is why any attempt to reveal it is ruthlessly terminated in embryo.”

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7 Sisters Pleiades Messier 45

The Japanese name for the Pleiades is Subaru,
thus the 6 stars on the blue colored logo of the car. (Where is the 7th?)
… according to Greek mythology, they were once Atlas’ daughters: Alcyone, Asterope, Merope, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Electra.

From: https://thenewswheel.com/behind-badge-what-do-six-stars-subarus-logo-signify/
“Surely you’re already wondering, why are there only six stars in Subaru’s logo if it’s named after a constellation of seven daughters? The reason is to the naked eye, the cluster of stars appears to only have six stars–two are so close together, they appear as one big star. Thus, the Pleiades constellation is known for being a “unification of the stars.”

The 7 sisters are also known as Pleiades and Messier 45. They exist in Taurus the Bull constellation also. A 4 inch refractor captured the brightest one – Merope – in 1859

Messier 45 is derived from “…catalogue of about 100 nebulae, star clusters and galaxies begun in 1758 by French astronomer and comet-hunter Charles Messier”

… in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy in the Local Group of galaxies. … M45 is best viewed during winter, is magnitude 1.6, and can be viewed with naked eye.”

The brightest star by itself in the middle of the photo is Alcyone. Although this cluster is called the seven sisters and has nine named stars, when viewing with the naked eye you can usually only see 6 (noted in bold), or sometimes fewer stars depending on viewing conditions. The brighter star at the left on the photo is Atlas, and the one just above it is Pleione, who depending on which mythology you read were the father and mother of the seven daughters. …in order of brightness are Alcyone, Electra, Maia, Mereope, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Sterope.

Besides the named stars, there are actually over 3000 stars in the cluster, which is one of the closest and brightest clusters in our galaxy.

From: https://www.indigotide.com/astronomy/m45.html “In the cases where two or more stars are close together, they may appear to look like only one. Also there is the reflection nebula which blends the light making it hard to pick out the individual stars, which in my opinion mostly accounts for why you can only see the five or six brighter stars with the naked eye. Without binoculars, I always wonder if I am actually seeing the individual stars, or the blending effects of the nebula.”

The Silent Partner(s) in your Mind

“Observe, then, that when you are silently conversing with yourself, this very process is carried on within you by your reason, which meets you with a word at every movement of your thought … Whatever you think, there is a word … You must speak it in your mind … …. Thus, in a certain sense, the word is a second person within you, through which in thinking you utter speech … The word is itself a different thing from yourself. Now how much more fully is all this transacted in God, whose image and likeness you are?”

Tertullian on Logic – (Lodge I See)
Tertullian, called the Father of Latin Theology, was the passionate and brilliant theologian who gave form and structure to Western Christian doctrine.

Is “19” my Me Tonic Cycle?

Named after Greek mathmagician Meton. Is Metonic saying ME (mother earth’s) Tonic?

Galen at the start of the Era of Deductive Reasoning when exact sciences were relegated to the back seat. This led to calculus, allowing for hypotheticals and theories, leading to calculations of theories based on theory. Today, most scientists believe observations are for building conjecture. Kind of like a well paid cult/chat group.

From Galen (Greek philosopher): “Whereas time causes grief and other emotions to alter and cease, when has the mere passage of time ever persuaded anyone that he has had enough of “twice two are four” or “all radii of a circle are equal” and made him change his mind about such beliefs and give them up?”(Galen, On the Doctrines of Hippocrates and Plato 4.7.43) Lower down this page are a digression to one of their (relevant to us) observational documentations.

From Discord July 4 2021:

Anon: – I miss the Greek’s Philosophy.
Nowaday’s Philosophy is about citing people’s books.

Why would I want to hear other people’s words?
I actually want to know your own words.

You proved to have good memory by citing people words, now show me your intelligence by telling me something that no one has said before.

SUN-21 KGilbert — all realities are projected from our Heart/Brain onto our inner eye lens (Eye Am) – the Air is a magic field for us to ‘make’ reality in. From Jupiter’s fight with the Titans “The altar on which the gods swore, when they leagued with Jupiter against the Titans, became a constellation consisting of four stars, two on the fireplace and two on the base.”

“water, mater, air, plasma, different words describing same thing in different forms, and aether, prana, consciousness field, the Unknown, Source of All, Unknowable, Un-Nameable – same as above, different words describing different forms (and formlessness) of same thing

only two differences – one is perishable, one is unperishable – and they can (and do) get along. WE are the jewels of It’s Eye”

“… there is a “secret” place where there are no vibrations but limitless and endless power of Creation. You knew it so well as a child but the ‘reference’ world and the “red zone” powered up in your Brain and Mind and the Heart was made less significant.”

1966 original Star Trek episode 1 shows how caring for all lives as your own can magically release you from a prison 100 miles below the surface:
“S” to “T” is a clue “S”tar “T”rek

Victor Shauberger and “Your Blood”

He was once asked to explain his authority and knowledge, he replied that no one had taught him but he had the advantage of inheritance which he defined further: “Everything is corpuscular, even energy and light waves. Even matter is inert energy. This also applies to blood, which is a materialized power flow that carries energy from past generations through present to future generations.

This flow is not broken with the person’s death, but is carried further to his successors. However, this energy can be degenerated, for example, by negative technology, so that the thoughts and outlook which have accumulated within a person’s being over thousands of years, is lost. It is possible for the person who has the advantage of this gift of inheritance to summon up from his blood all this reservoir of knowledge.”

“Schauberger realized there are two forms of motion in nature — outward and inward. The outward motion is expansive and destructive. It generates heat, pressure, and even death. It was only this morbid action that mankind had known, thus far, in regard to energy production.

On the other hand, the inward, implosive quality of water produces coolness, suction, powerful vortices, and health benefits; it is used to build up and energize, and is therefore life-enhancing and life-promoting.”

“Protecting the secret of water is a means to protect the interest-power of money. Only in an economy of scarcity can interest thrive. The price of food and the cost of mechanical power would sink to such low levels that speculators would be able to gain nothing from them. Free access to nutrition and mechanical energy are such radical ideas that our concept of the world and all ideologies would be turned upside-down…The secret of water is the capital of Capital—which is why any attempt to reveal it is ruthlessly terminated in embryo.”

– Viktor Schauberger – https://www.gaia.com/article/viktor-schauberger-the-anti-gravity-water-wizard

Mr Tesla

“Back in the late 1800s, an “aether” was proposed as the medium that light travels through. We now don’t believe that is the case. What is the evidence and/or proof that no aether exists?

A: It’s an easy assumption to make, but a difficult assertion to disprove. Here’s the story.

……….All three of these types of wave are examples of mechanical waves, which is where some type of energy is transported from one location to another through a material, matter-based medium. A wave that travels through a spring, a slinky, water, the Earth, a string, or even the air, all require an impetus for creating some initial displacement from equilibrium, and then the wave carries that energy through a medium towards its destination…….
Nikola Tesla: Positive Experimental Proof of Aether”

“The common thread running through heliocentrism, evolution, psychology, and communism is that there is no God.
Indeed, atheism is logically a necessary element for each of those man-made philosophies to stand.”

Edward Hendrie


The Metonic (after Meton) cycle or Enneadecaeteris in astronomy and calendar studies is a particular approximate common multiple of the year (specifically, the seasonal i.e. tropical year) and the synodic month. Nineteen tropical years differ from 235 synodic months by about 2 hours. The Metonic cycle’s error is one full day every 219 years, or 12.4 parts per million.

…. the Babylonians may have learned of it earlier. They measured the Moon’s motion against the stars, so the 235:19 relation may originally have referred to sidereal years, instead of tropical years as it has been used in various calendars; however, ancient astronomers did not make a clear distinction between sidereal and tropical years before Hipparchus discovered precession of the equinoxes c. 130 BC.

… The Metonic cycle itself is a subcycle of the next more correct approximation: 334 years = 4131 lunations (see lunisolar calendar for more details).

Callippus developed the Callippic cycle. This was a more accurate approximation, obtained by taking one day away from every fourth of Meton’s cycles, so creating a 76-year cycle with a mean year of exactly 365.25 days. Later the solar Julian calendar was designed to have a year of this length by using leap days.

The 19-year cycle is also close (to somewhat more than half a day) to 255 draconic months, so it is also an eclipse cycle, which lasts only for about 4 or 5 recurrences of eclipses.

19 tropical years = 6939.602 days
235 synodic months = 6939.688 days

Traditionally (in the ancient Attic and Babylonian calendars, as well as in the Hebrew calendar), the years: 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 19, are the long (13-month) years of the Metonic cycle. This cycle can be used to predict eclipses, forms the basis of the Greek and Hebrew calendars, and is used in the computation of the date of Easter each year. In Antiquity the Metonic cycle was sometimes called the Great year.

The Chinese, Coligny and Hebrew lunisolar calendars track more or less the tropical year whereas the Buddhist and Hindu lunisolar calendars track the sidereal year. Below: The Five Phases and Four Seasons of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar, with English translation.

1729 Japanese calendar, which used the Jōkyō calendar procedure, published by Ise Grand Shrine.

What Thoughts are Shareable?

When we communicate, we open doors to each other, and go to deeper and more meaningful places or intimacy in the communication We look to open doors that are behind the easy to open doors. This is where the phrase ‘communication is key’ comes from.

What is it that we are unlocking?

We are unlocking the point of reverence inside each person that we are born with. It is the very small not see-able power source of every human being. We are all very involved in the world and physical and mind creations leaving most of us barely remembering where we came from. We are unlocking remembrance of where we originated and what is our purpose.

What is Our Common Purpose

We all have a deep sense of yearning to remember where we came from and we can see it every time we look at another person. We can see it (that remembrance of our origin) and we can hear it and every sense can detect it but somehow our senses are not strong enough to give us the validation we are looking for.

The reason this situation exists is because of the very long time that we as a group, humanity, have been exploring both the un-perishable and the perishable. We have explored the perishable for so long and so well that we can only remember where we came from by looking at or talking to another person. It is as if we were given the ultimate fail safe map to return home by looking and listening to another person. Life is grand.

Communication is Key

‘Communication is key’ is referring to the key needed to unlock the inner doors that are harder to open and require more understanding and thoughtful language in order to coax the other person to open their inner doors, so to speak. We all like to open our inner doors in front of other people because we truly want to share all that we have inside our heart. Our effort is to validate the person across from us and to be validated by them. This provides a punch-out in our redemption ticket, so to speak.

But the world teaches us to keep those areas protected, so we create the doors and the locks in front of them. We love to share our ideas and open our heart to like minded people with equally open hearts. We always find ways to do this. When both persons involved in communication open their inner doors together, both parties evolve and prevail.

When we practice this validation process enough we can take it to more difficult places to sooth and open other person’s hearts. Sometimes we care about someone enough that we notice their heart has extra doors around it and we might use communication to try to get them to open those doors.

What Should I Do Next?
First set a goal based on ‘most important to me list.’
Second apply yourself based on intention and not on the clock.

There are two silent partners inside your mind waiting to provide reactions and words out of you.

Search Google for Tertullia
Answer on Quora – What Does Tertulia mean today?

One of our silent partners is the original silent partner that we recognized before we learned words, became self aware, new the world and started to follow its ways. The world is full of references and named and claimed things.

We carry the second silent partner with us for all of the references that we must make to coexist. Of course we have an original silent partner that cannot be referenced but can only be revered. Some people say this is related to your consciousness or your conscience. In reality this truth detector aspect of yourself is your original partner that can never be correctly referenced but only revered.

This authentic silent partner is only known through reverence and experiencing uncontainable and unnamable things.
Pick a partner to win. In the simplest way, we, Humanity did emanate from the Center as superior etherical beings with all knowledge to begin the journey of density/destiny.

The journey is a production of developments of free will, consequence, developments and Creation itself. We live as Creation. Creation is within us and all around us. Our destiny of density includes the mixing/blending/resolution of all things unperishable and perishable. We truly are a most dynamic and courageous crew!

Over millennia(s) we have adapted and changed to allow for more data from all previous experiences to be contained within our density. Our ‘child-like’ and apparent immature state is evidence we are being looked after as super dynamic co-creators in a massive energetic production of untold and mysterious proportion. Just look inside your body. The immorality exhibited and especially what we see at the management level is enough to shake anyone to their core! We are about to graduate. Spontaneous evolution is real and upon us. Peace.

References – https://calendars.fandom.com/wiki/Metonic_cycle

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