Are Cons Real? Is Fairyland Real?

Cognitive Dissonance

this, that and the other
Who has ever transgressed in our Culture(s)? Our transgressions are minor against a Human Being of limitlessness and formlessness. We live in two realities. One is known as Reality. One is known as Actuality.

Clowns – is Incubus Scary?

Are you afraid of clowns? Of course we are. Thankfully our fears are constructed in our Minds. These constructs – can be de-constructed.

  • Archon equals Are Cons (Real)
  • Incubus means “In Cube Us”
  • Succubus means “Suck Cube Us”
  • No worries, do not get twisted, instead get listed
  • Lists and Listening – Works

Our Realities

Reality, Past/Future is the baseline of our widely accepted – Reality.
Actuality is timeless and Now. We walk as a Blend of these two realities and the Impetus from it all, the Most High Creator. Our lives are a mix of ‘this, that and the other‘, some reveals below.

So many details on fairies, goblins, Are Cons and the arrangement literally appears as ‘A Range Mentality’ — A Range Ment. Yes, I mean to imply – that fairies are real – AND un-real. They are manifestations AND non-existent. The wonder of Human Beinghood.

We live in half a world of mainly shadows, whilst the Actuality world, in all it’s many forms, flavors and formless-nesses – happens next to us and within us. Fairyland is real as a ‘MINDSTRUCT‘.

We study the entire Human here as we have come to know Hymn. Starting from the Void to the Word, then the Action and concluding with the Word.

The entire Man includes a Mind that is shared with Man and Creation. We can ‘mentally’ Create anything there except our Ultimate Solution.

Below is an excerpt from an expert on Fairyland – an aspect of Actuality, Reality and Mind-structs. Be wary, don’t worry, be happy!

We are learning together that our Reality is Past/Future baselined and our ‘other half’ is an Actuality world with Zero Time. Let us all pass together! Please, Compass with Me.

Fairy lore has a tradition of thousands of years. Fairies have been said to be abducting humans, human babies, flying in lighted globes, striking paralysis and amnesia on their victims, forcing strange drink on their victims, and having sexual relations with humans for all time. 

If we could remove the mythological aspect from fairy abductions and dress them a little differently, the folklore reports of a thousand years ago would be virtually indistinguishable from present UFO abduction reports. The same thing could be said for the reports of demons.

Fairland Expert Page

Hmmm, let us have a look. Do you feel Humans are being victimized? The list of cons and victims fills all the libraries. Why?

The word Archon sounds like ‘Are Con’. Spells the phrase Arch On. The firmament is debunked so there is no ‘Arch On’. Are Cons Real? When you spot them!

The issue of Archons (Are Cons Real) is complex for there is an interaction between our own thoughtforms and manifested (falling for – are cons real) astral entities, (Our Star Twins). We are playing a game, ultimately, with ourselves. We have even invented a hierarchy to mange our Playpen Fun on this infinite plane we call Earth.

The thoughtforms allow these entities to interface with our own unconscious. They can change form according to the language of the culture through which they communicate and, being a mixture of our own thoughtforms and “fallen” spirits, can mimic our own hidden desires and needs.

While in Medieval periods we may have had demons, incubus and succubus, in the present we have aliens, UFO abductions and medical experiments by creatures we cannot see. In the modern mode, these Archons are sometimes called “ultraterrestrials”.

However we must realize that these forms are spiritual in origin.

Although there are many other races within our universe, it does seem that a percentage of UFO sightings and experiences reflect our own fears, terrors, needs and desires and hence have an Archontic origin.” Quoted from

The world is the work of lowly powers which, though they may mediately be descended from Him, do not know the true God and obstruct the knowledge of Him in the cosmos over which they rule. 

The genesis of these lower powers, the Archons, and in general that of all the Orders of being outside God, including the world itself, is the main theme of Gnostic speculation… The universe, the domain of the Archons, is like a vast prison whose innermost dungeon is the earth, the scene of man’s life. 

Around and above it the cosmic spheres are arranged like concentric enclosing shells. Most frequently there are seven spheres of the planets surrounded by the eighth and of the fixed stars…

The religious significance of this cosmic architecture lies in the idea that everything which intervenes between here and the beyond serves to separate from God, not merely by spatial distance but by active demonic force. Thus the vastness and multiplicity of the cosmic system express the degree to which man is removed from God…

The Archons collectively rule over the world and each individually in his sphere is a warden of the cosmic prison. Their tyrannical world-rule is called Hiemarmene, universal Fate … [This universal fate] aims at the enslavement of man. 

As guardians of his sphere each Archon bars the passage to the souls that seek to ascend after death, in order to prevent their escape from the world and their return to God.”

The Gnostic Religion

Hans Jonas

People of many religions think that they are worshipping the I-AM; however they are actually feeding a false god, an Archon (Are Cons Real) they have created from their own ignorance and Power as a Creator.

If I was the owner/boss, could I hire someone to Boss Me? Could I let them boss me long enough, until I truly believe my newly employed, are my boss? Sure I could! I am the owner!

Humans are the Most Exalted

We have used our Mind and Creator ability to ‘lower’ our sight of our unique power – in order to taste EVERYTHING. Humans are the most exalted Creation of God, believe it! Or nor, your call, Creator. Below from a Sufi Sheik I knew personally and studied with:

Do not try to inject flavor into a fruit. The real flavor is already there. Like this, if you want to search for God, true wisdom, and liberation for the soul, do not think that you are the greatest of all miracle workers, that you are better than anyone else, or that you are God.

Do not take the flavor of your ignorance and pride hat you are the greatest of all miracle workers, that you are better than anyone else, or that you are God. Do not take the flavor of your ignorance and pride and try to inject that into the fruit of God.

That would be like a monkey being let loose in an orchard: it would ruin the fruit and break the branches. Your prayer, your miracles, and all that you have gathered will end up like that.

If you try to put the thoughts, the flavor, and the tricks of the monkey mind into the flavor of God’s truth, do not think the result will be tasty.

The fruit of God’s truth contains an eternal and changelessly sweet flavor. Throw away the flavor you have brought with you and taste the eternal flavor of God’s truth.

Bawa Muhayadeen 1978

Solution to Confusion – Lose Confusion

This confusion on the Human Position, happens all too often and is why the esoteric tradition is valued to the point of being considered imperative. But more than knowledge, is Action. HEART ACTIONS.
Hearts, respond to Heart felt action. Action is preceded by thought. Control thoughts, to Win.

Without guidance and some understanding of esotericism, many will be caught within the web of exoteric (outer) religion. Fundamentalism, cults, literalism, extremism are all products of incorrect readings of the spiritual tradition. The exoteric and esoteric – demonstrate a shared, Twin, mirror effect within all things, is a route to higher understandings.

Our main tools will always be our Heart first, followed by the Brain and then the Hands and Feet. Tools of a Creator, backed by the Ultimate Power Source and Impetus, the Most High Creator.

Who Are the ‘Are Cons’ Real?

Are Cons real? Duh.
When these groups develop – (Are Cons), their/our thoughtforms (that we gifted them) – take on a life of their own and, not being directly connected to the “real” energies of the Most High Being, they peter out, so to speak, and become a nexus for more and additional manifestation(s) of fallen entities from the astral (Human Thought Creation) – worlds.

These created – ‘fallen spirits’ use their own rhythmic “Shake It Out” methods of operation, to work out of step with the universe in a pulsing and jagged wave of antagonistic actions . This lends to invigorating these forms so that they become independent, discrete fields of energy within the astral world (Archons/Are Cons Real).

They develop and grow hierarchically from Archons to Dominions and rule from their astral kingdoms. Their poor and unfortunate worshippers think they are following the “true god” but are actually feeding monsters created from mans suffering and ignorance.

Our 1 ? 2 format

Order of Creation: Void-Thought-Creation-Density-Destiny
As we have evolved – complexity wise – we have installed failsafe mechanisms of Simplicity to unravel – in short order, what has taken many eras to occur. Our Simplicity Evolution has reduced our Complex Beinghood, to 1, 2, Choice/Consequence or 1,2 CC – aka 1,2,33 – when we are thru learning, the “33” becomes a complete “6”. A graduation, so to speak.

We Human Entities Have Adapted!

As we explore and Create, many and all possibilities have been lived and experienced. From Boss to Slave and all between. A series of lessons to make us More On. Asking questions, get answers, ask new questions, get new answers, REPEAT UNTIL DONE.

Our energetic format, language and indicators within our feedback response loop – have become ultra simple to decode – made to order for mentally challenged Child Gods – Us.

Below From an ‘Are Cons’ Real Expert

Use below authored text as the authors understanding of things and use what is beneficial to you – to enhance your puzzle work. Each of us has a piece of the puzzle. Read his summations – and retrieve the puzzle piece you are searching for. Also join our chat to further understanding and make new friends.

Many of these forms feed on suffering, while others feed on pleasure, and they amplify the emotions of their members to gain more and more sustenance.

In some sense they are truly “spiritual vampires”, and without esotericism, all religions and traditions succumb.

“(They took…) The name of those that are good and gave it to those that are not good, so that through the names they might deceive him (mankind) and bind those to those that are not good.”

Nag Hammadi Gospel of Phillip 54:18-25.

The imagery of Archons is very strong in Gnostic literature, and because it has become mixed with tales of cosmological dualism, many have come to believe that the Archons are the result of a cosmic error or fall.

The reality is that there was no cosmic error, just a misinterpretation caused by ignorance.

Yet at the same time this ignorance has created a doorway through which fallen forms can enter and it is these Archons, or whatever we call them, which keep us from appreciating our own misperceptions. Indeed, it is through our own permission that they enter the earth sphere.

This is the idea which gave birth to the “fall of man” tradition.

Since man in his ignorance created fallen thought forms and allowed fallen entities to enter into the earth stream, then ultimately man is responsible for the present condition of his planet, his culture and his soul.

The issue of Archons is complex for there is an interaction between our own thoughtforms and real fallen astral entities. (Full Article Here.)

Read it Again

Above article is full of solutions and issues. All can be handled mentally and with Heart Actions!

More in next article on what Our Powers are

3:16 Timestamp for “Bright Side”

Monty Python

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.


Above means to allow the Christ within to be recognized. Allowing Reality to Blend with Actuality and the Most High Creator. To allow into your Being, this, that and the other.

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