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7 Brings Forever Repeating Endings Consequentially

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We have 100% control of our destiny, happiness, outcomes, relationships and Eternalness – when we see and sever the seven sequence. You are reading this because you are ready.

We will prove to you that the “7 Loop of Sequentiality” is used against the population (a teaching tool) to Sever the Soul Sync of the independent Human Being. There are a multitude of proofs that the 7 loop is real and prevents people from recognizing their Eternity. This gets supported by resulting bad behavior and unresolved conflicts. The names of the supported mechanisms put in effect from above bad behavior are:

  • Mis-use of language
  • Disrespectful language and intolerance.
  • Directing time toward Mundaneness
  • Disregard of other’s struggles.
  • General disregard of other’s needs.
  • Passing obligations to others
  • Foregoing obligations.
  • Allowing open ended arguments
  • Allowing cognitive dissonance
  • Allowing violence and war
  • Allowing disease, sickness and cannibalism.

Please consider how so many things are un-naturally ending at 7 and then start over. This goes right into our human ages at 7 to 8 – 14 to 15 – 21 to 22 and so on. The result of the 7 M.O. is you get to fie over and over and keep coming back here to NOT resolve your issues for eternity. There are two flavors of Eternity for us. We have no choice here. We live forever, whichever way we want – resolved or unresolved.

Seven Sequence Symbiotics

The Seven Sequence – becomes a consequence – when we mentally allow and approve of it into our Life and rhythm. Once recognized, the work of rejecting it’s influence over your behavior begins. You can visit a place without becoming like the lifelong citizens of that place.

The Seven Sequence Symbiosis must be allowed and supported heavily to operate successfully. It will gift you Immortal Death and Re-Birth. This conSequence can only happen when you Consciously – allow for it. We live in a world dominated mentally by the Seven Sequence. Once recognized – it will become an aspect of this place we are visiting. And it will not ‘take over our Mind” and behavior/outcomes!

Dizzy Disney Determines Soul Delinquents 7.7.14

7D debuted on (7.7.14) July 7, 2014 on Disney XD — “7D” is a modern 7 Dwarfs production made to uphold the 7 Sequence. From 7D the TV show: “Scott Menville, who voices Sneezy, said that the show takes place before Snow White was born so the Evil Queen from the film will not be there. He also said it is a contemporary take on the film as the characters are hip to the current generation and its pop culture references.”

The show ingrains the endless mining of the 7 Sequence Mind that never runs out of attractions. But no resolutions, just work, sleep and stay dumb.

The sevensociety

Above 7D serves the kiddies. This group serves the masters. billy and marie aka will iam and mary are a big university/college in VirginiaUSA where the “seversouls sevensociety” is founded and operated from. As you can imagine, they take their role severely seriously. So mysterious and secretive are the 7 members group, their names are released post mortem. They follow directives the same way most of us do.

“Truth be told – you are your own boss and do not need directors – we need Guidance to L.U.C.K . or Labor Under Certain Knowledge.”

Their effort can be understood in a visual way with the image of the “MW” Double Diamond. There is also a group named Double Diamond gifted to us from BoJo at the YouKay Gooberment, whose philosophical mission is entangled into the 7 Sequence. It is to “process maps of the divergent and convergent stages of a design process.” Nobel cause but not possible to find resolutions inside the unrecognized 7 Sequence. Only results will be never ending endings.

M W, a consequence or plotted?

It is not a coincidence that when a Man mounts a Woman – a double diamond ‘merge’ effect or weave of convergence and divergence is created. These actions result in consequence and at times, sequencing. Witness an “M” mounting a “W” below. Witness four matters of divergence/contention and 3 points of constant or convergence. 4+3 = 7

From the bojo website: “Divided into four distinct phases, DiscoverDefineDevelop and Deliver, it maps the divergent and convergent stages of the design process, showing the different modes of thinking that designers use.”

When they said “showing the different modes of thinking that designers use.” – they may have said (would break the loop), designers fall into “M”asculine thinking/feeling/doing and “W”omans point of view/feeling/doing. But of course, the 7 Sequence knows how to protect itself. It uses your fears and emotional weakness/ignorance to toss you and turn you within the 7 Sequence.

Instead of simple, humanistic approaches, we are constantly being sold the idea that people, generally, do not get along. FALSE!!! Hoolywood and their fascist partners are relishing their temporary ‘hold’ over the populace.

The simple and humanistic approach to all matters – resolves all matters . All matters, from environment, to relationships, to communities, to entire cultures. A few “&” Sequence Examples below:

Sum “7” Severance Soaks

4D’s, hmmm – makes 4+4=8 (8 is a Closed loop infinity sign)

What is so funny about Mundane Minds. (It is scary and it hurts) 7D makes 74 or 47 the Sun path Loop – the Sun is Four Seven every 365 days, one year after another – a loopie sequence.

Meet the SeverSouls w Sever-nancy outfit

Translation: 3 Sim Gods, False Infinity, Capt Kirk “A” Bridge, Omega Loops, Modus Operando is the “7”

Wiki Sever Society Here

Dr. Stanley Monteith : A Life Researching Behind the Curtain – insights from a lifelong researcher.

Learn Every Known 7/Severance for Humans Society out there from Aaron to Melissa

Innocuous and less Innocuous 7 Upholders

This is a small list, find on your own. Type the 7 (any letter) into your fav search engine.

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