JG vs CC vs Human Condition – a logical explanation

JG vs CC vs Human Condition – a logical explanation

Again, implying and inferring a Partnership between Creator and Creation. Jeremy and Craig are happy to find out Human Beings are naturally good. We welcome them to the party and enthusiastically embrace them and their search for truth and complete repairing of ourselves in the Show world – to Ourselves inside in our Shadow world.

Jeremy Griffith talks to Craig Conway

Before we get to the interview, which will cover the Human Condition: Origin, Confusion/Turmoil to Today, Destiny – we offer an appetizer:

Everything in our reflection world has a mirror. Words mark time – therefor they ‘unmark’ it, a useful tool to see past the fool and enter the pool of righteousness.

WATTS Etymology Got to Do with It?

“It’s electrical!!” It has a buzz and it has power to light up your world and understandings of it.

  • ET means “AND”
  • ET sounds out to “A” and “EH”
  • E + “Tym” + o + logy =
  • Plus Time NoTime Study (meaning, etymology reveals all that is hidden and all that is revealed)
  • logie, logia, logy are (lógos, “account, explanation, narrative”) and itself a verbal noun from
  • λέγω (légō, “I say, speak, converse, tell a story”).

Inferring and implying logos/creation/creator or ‘not understood miracles’ or magic. The phrase abracadabra was invented at some point to explain “I Speak, I Create” meaning from the Impetus of the Mind/Heart of Man – all things are possible.

Again, implying and inferring a Partnership between Creator and Creation. Jeremy and Craig are happy to find out Human Beings are naturally good. We welcome them to the party and enthusiastically embrace them and their search for truth and complete repairing of ourselves in the Show world – to Ourselves inside in our Shadow world.

FREEDOM: The end of the ‘Human Condition’ Jeremy Griffith

A talk with Craig Conway

“Professor Harry Prosen, who is a former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association—
so he’s one of the world’s leading psychiatrists—and he said, and I quote,

‘I have no doubt Jeremy Griffith’s biological explanation of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race. This is the book we have been waiting for, it is the book that saves the world.”


‘the psychological rehabilitation of the human race’ is exactly what this world needs!

All of us people on Earth through our time/history have all been collaborating together to (as the Greekisms proclaimed ‘Know Thyself’) also known as “understanding the Human Condition.

An unstoppable force or Impetus is PUSHING US ALL to get the solution.

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DIVISIONS?? All want repair and healing.

Most are following memes and standard education.

Are we selfish and animalistic as Marx says? Are we programmed to fight for conquest?

Are we innately materialistic, competitve and aggressive??

Is this NATURAL to our condition??

What are we “competing for”??

All the evils of competition and aggression are forefront in our lives today?? What gives?

What of our LOVE and CONSCIENCE aspects or side??

Does that PART DIFFERENTIATE us from the other ANIMALS OR NOT!!!!!!!!!

Where is the value of CO OPERATION and TOGETHERNESS??

IT IS UNTRUE that we are savage, competitive and aggressive. YES IT IS UNTRUE THAT WE ARE NATURALLY SAVAGE!
IT IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAGGIE KENT on my mind, in my stomach and in my blood MK ULTRA MOFO!!!!! This means men in hierarchies built over time have learned to exploit the Minds and desires of Men and Women and have done so. Leading to mass psychosis of the populace.

Pychosis can be cured with peace, love and understanding. As All Beings, All things are possible. We have become ILL and diseased and we need HELP!!!!! We have been paying some bills and we are going to be paid up shortly!!!!!!

Jeremy Griffith Adam Stork explained – ( ) means Ninja speaking


  • A dam S tork
  • AS equals 1+18 or 19) – (baby oracle, nouveau all being. Ability to leave chains inside cave and seek the outer DOOR, when faced with the ‘other’ realities,
  • he is now ‘torn’ as a new all being would
  • 19’s first experience with “cognitive dissonance” and so
  • the war of Raig OnWay beginswith CC or 33
  • — “the split” of minds, brains, hearts and gender

More experiences into dissonance as now it must be fully explored – FULLY EXPLORED IN an IDIOT way – or self absorbed, in an effort to complete the study and – MOVE ON/Evolve)

This ultimately leads to “suffering psychological upset was the price we conscious humans had to ‘pay for’ — …from the Man of La Mancha, we had to be prepared to ‘march into hell for a heavenly cause’. We had to lose ourselves to find ourselves; we had to suffer becoming angry, alienated and egocentric until we found sufficient knowledge to explain ourselves.”

(Moses supposes he knows us but each Human Heart contains complete and correct Intel exactly to fit that unique Person. God and all Divine Intelligence and Treasure are on location inside each Human Beating Heart. Each person has 100% complete and total access to the treasure inside their Heart – with the Correct Code. The code unlocks the treasure and then All is revealed.

We are in fact villains and heroes – at once. We are All Beings. Hierarchies emerged as we evolved and became the ‘holders’ of this knowledge. It is inevitaible that this would be exploited to the point both dominater and dominated would grow toa complete and full study of exploitation and materialism. All an All Being would want to learn and experience wouold be/has been available and possible from then to this date today.)

Most histories of religions/creation show the basic conflict within us—that the emergence of ‘consciousness’ caused our ‘Fall’ from ‘innocence’.

Hesiod 1,800 years ago (800BC)
‘When gods alike and mortals rose to birth / A golden race the immortals formed on earth…Like gods they lived, with calm untroubled mind / Free from the toils and anguish of our kind / Nor e’er decrepit age misshaped their frame…Strangers to ill, their lives in feasts flowed by…Dying they sank in sleep, nor seemed to die / Theirs was each good; the life-sustaining soil / Yielded its copious fruits, unbribed by toil / They with abundant goods ’midst quiet lands / All willing shared the gathering of their hands’. So yes, they didn’t have a troubled conscious mind, and they lived a sharing, gentle life. Yes, I’ve heard of the idea of a ‘golden race’, “but I didn’t actually know where it came from. So what you’re saying then, Jeremy, is our distant ancestors had a ‘calm untroubled mind’—no human condition yet!”

(CORRECTION to JG and CC — WE DID NOT DESTROY EDEN, we left willingly to explore our own Creation World of separation and material. God is on our side – ALWAYS!!)

(Eventually our Loving Past was confronted by our wanton and explorer based desires. One had to yield. It was inevitable to choose material and to see blame casr anywhere and everywhere for any reason at any time on any subject. Part of our exploration of material and ALL that come with it. As baby All Beings, we want it ALL.

Our former ‘innocence’ was shamed in favor of new and stronger shameful things. Always building one thing from another. Our former treasured innocence would now be referenced and no longer revered. It becomes romantic nostalgia.

The Glaring and Obvious Difference of Animals vs Humans is
Basic Instinct (29-BI) 2×9=18 or 2 + 9=11 or 2/3
Divine Intellect (41-DI) 4 minus 1 is 3 or 1 11

Leaning on Divine Intellect pays better and yields the highest.)

Sir Laurens van der Post and I (Griffith) managed to address and solve the human condition is described in my 2020 book ‘How Laurens van der Post Saved The World’, which is also freely vailable on that website.

Basically, what is explained in that book is that since everyone is naturally variously psychologically upset from their different encounters with humanity’s battle to find knowledge, there was always going to be a few who were fortunate enough in their infancy and childhood to escape encountering the angry, egocentric and alienated effects of that upsetting battle, and it is these few who could look into the human condition without being overly confronted by it—and Sir Laurens and I were two of these extremely fortunate denial-free thinking people, which is how we were able to find understanding of the human condition.

(Science is a game within a game of attrition. It dies one science at a time until there are none.)

It helps us avoid our basic natural truth which is we are Edenic, all-loving and all-sensitive innocent past, and the truth that nurturing is what made us human, have both been impossible truths to accept while we couldn’t truthfully explain our present immensely corrupted human condition, explain why our species became so corrupted and lost the ability to fully nurture its offspring. As it’s been observed, ‘parents would rather admit to being an axe murderer than a bad mother or father’!

(1) Darwin’s natural selection explanation for the variety of species;
(2) Fiske’s and my nurturing explanation for our moral instincts;
(3) the instinct vs intellect explanation that I’ve given for the human condition; and
(4) the explanation I give in chapter 7 of FREEDOM for how we humans became fully conscious when other species haven’t;
and (5) the Negative-Entropy-driven integrative meaning of existence (which we have personified as ‘God’)

Jung said, ‘wholeness for humans depends on the ability to own our own shadow’,


  • Outside our skin is the SHOW
  • Inside our skin is the SHADOW
  • In Actuality, we are GOOD and GREAT All Beings linked to All Creation and the Creator
  • We are not Evil or Fallen.
  • We are doing a job/exploration.
  • All is possible for All Beings, even Baby Ones.

Everything starts at Home. A simple turn is all it takes as the Beacon trying to reach you has no distance limit. Instant repair and healing is on your doorstep and available NOW/TODAY!!!

Science explains and identifies and labels and categorizes all the separations we make and take. Even money and data are sciences. It is a necessary piece of the full explorations of material. It is OK to have your science and eat it too.

Peace )

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