Where is a Life Path – lane gage

How do I make the world a better place? What are the best books, videos, documentaries, or YouTube videos on the subject? from Quora

Where is a Life Path

It is always in your mind with your thoughts and the words – or the language, which is also your lane gage or “path chooser”.

How do I make the world a better place? What are the best books, videos, documentaries, or YouTube videos on the subject? from Quora

Make the world a better place by making your personal body, mind and world a better place. Each of us has a huge magnanimous and magnetic effect on all we touch and consider. When we claim our bodies, hearts and minds – we can go places! Learning language skills and avoiding language tricks and gaining compassion for the ignorant – shields you from anxiety and empowers all your efforts.

  • Better jobs and money
  • Better love life and mate
  • Better inner resolution
  • Better World

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Our world has so many twists and turns it must be on purpose – and have a purpose. Every single lane we take in Life has a gage. It rings a bell of “right” or “wrong”. If we appoint right we get peace. When we appoint wrong, we get anxiety. Every move we make and every thought we take – comes with a word or words.

Words make ideas, stories, impressions and mnemonics of good behavior and bad. We call them memes. A funny word as it also spells Me Me! Many memes we have embraced have distanced us from each other and righteousness. And driven us into cognitive dissonance, hyper materialism to counter and an overall selfishness and disregard of others.

These behaviors all can be squelched with good language skills and good language education. Both lacking in today’s Americanized societies as we are leaning heavily on temporary and material to hide our fear of facing the obligations to each other that have been in dusty history books. We have spent 40 years studying this but have had little effect on the machinery of the world.

Learning language properly is first. Learning how the ignorance of language is used by all the institutions to control people is also essential. This mal behavior crosses into regular people and their relationships from the memes we induce from media and each other.

Read our website and find out all about etymology, phonology, morphology, lexicography and the dirty tricks in the media, advertising, education, corporations, law and medical practices. All used to maintain an elite few who are educated and the rest held ignorant and as fodder or a food supply for the elite. This wickedness can only lead to bad.

The knowledge gained is partly from the clarity and partly from applying yourself and taking 100% ownership of the language, yourself and your destiny.

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