Selling Cell -(Block)- ‘Fields’ Theory

Selling Cell -(Block)- ‘Fields’ Theory

Cells are very small living organisms that maintain living bodies, their organs and functions. Trillions of them, all immensely complex in function, design and effectiveness. Scientists tell us the building blocks of these living cells – are quanta or quantum particles, ions, atoms and their parts.

Selling Cell -(Block)- ‘Fields’ Theory

“Q” means ‘que’ or the waiting room – “wait your turn!” “Q” takes “U” with it wherever and whenever it goes/moves/speaks or is written or considered.

Cells are very small living organisms that maintain living bodies, their organs and functions. Trillions of them, all immensely complex in function, design and effectiveness. Scientists tell us the building blocks of these living cells – are quanta or quantum particles, ions, atoms and their parts.

  • Animal cells only have a plasma membrane and no cell wall. Whereas plant cells have a plasma membrane and a cell wall.
  • Animal cells do not have chloroplasts whereas plant cells do for the process of photosynthesis.
  • Animal cells store glycogen as their carbohydrate resource whereas plants store starch.
  • Animal cells do not usually contain any vacuoles and if present they are small or temporary. On the other hand plants have a large vacuole that is always present.
  • Animal cells can change shape due to the lack of a cell wall and are usually rounded whereas plant cells have a fixed shape kept by the presence of the cell wall

The plant cell wall gives the cell a lot of strength and prevents it from bursting under high pressure asit is made up of cellulose arranged in groups called microfibrils. It gives the cell its shape, prevents excessive water up take by osmosis and is the reason why the whole plant can hold itself up against gravity. The animal cell contains glycoproteins in their extracellular matrix which are involved in the support,movement and adhesion of the cell

Selling Quanta

Everything in our world is at the smallest measure, called quanta, or the atoms or the ions. The smallest moving units of life we can see and measure. What is the history of Quanta? It is good to know the terms quanta and quanto are used in languages meaning the female and male aspects.

  • In Spanish/Latin the spelling is not correct: cuántos, cuántas – That would be how many , masculine and feminine. ¿Cuántas/os ? (Spanish) = Quantas/os ? (Portuguese) = how much/ many?
  • ¿Cuándo? (Spanish) = Quando? (Portuguese) = When?
  • The Portuguese (Brazilian) uses a ‘Q’ where the Spanish uses a ‘C’ The sound is similar but the Spanish sound is generally softer 

It is also good to know, we have gone beyond quanta and quantum particles. The latest and greatest researchers today are looking at the “fields” of energy existing ‘between’ and throughout – all things living or inanimate (In Animate!).

Quanta Fields Map

When scientists started to look at the structures of organisms under the microscope they discovered that all living organisms where made up of these small units which they proceeded to call cells. When these cells were taken from tissues they were able to survive for some period of time. Nothing smaller than the cell was able to live independently and so it was concluded that the cell was the smallest unit of life. For some time, scientists thought that cells must arise from non-living material but it was eventually proven that this was not the case

Some Cell Parts

  • Cell wall : Protects the cell from the outside environment and maintains the shape of the cell. It alsoprevents the cell from bursting if internal pressure rises.
  • Plasma membrane
    : Semi-permeable membrane that controls the substances moving into and out of the cell. It contains integral and peripheral proteins. Substances pass through by either active or passive transport.
  • Cytoplasm : Contains many enzymes used to catalyze chemical reactions of metabolism and it alsocontains the DNA in a region called the nucleoid. Ribosomes are also found in the cytoplasm.
  • Pili : Help bacteria adhere to each other for the exchange of genetic material.
  • Flagella (singular flagellum) : Made of a protein called flagellin. Helps bacteria move around by theuse of a motor protein that spins the flagellum like a propeller.
  • Ribosomes : They are the site of protein synthesis. Contributes to protein synthesis by translatingmessenger RNA.
  • Nucleoid : Region containing naked DNA which stores the hereditary material (genetic information)that controls the cell and will be passed on to daughter cells.

Enter – the Quantum Field

Last month, the agency selected its first group of winners: four protocols that, with some revision, will be deployed as a quantum shield.— Jordana Cepelewicz, Quanta Magazine, 24 Aug. 2022

In the “Joy of Why “Y”” you will read: Quantum field theory may be the most successful scientific theory of all time, but there’s reason to think it’s missing something. Steven Strogatz (Stargates?) speaks with theoretical physicist David Tong about this enigmatic theory.

(00:12) If you’ve ever wondered what are we actually made of, you probably found yourself going down a rabbit hole of discoveries. Just like other living things, of course, we’re made of cells. And cells, in turn, are made of molecules and molecules are made of atoms. Dig even deeper and pretty soon you’ll find yourself at the level of electrons and quarks. These are the particles that have traditionally been considered to be the end of the line, the fundamental building blocks of matter.

(00:39) But today, we know that’s not really the case. Instead, physicists tell us that at the deepest level, everything is made up of mysterious entities, fluid-like substances that we call quantum fields. These invisible fields sometimes act like particles, sometimes like waves. They can interact with one another. They can even, some of them, flow right through us. The theory of quantum fields is arguably the most successful scientific theory of all time. In some cases, it makes predictions that agree with experiments to an astonishing 12 decimal places. On top of that, quantum field theory has also been shedding enormous light on certain questions in pure mathematics, especially in the study of four-dimensional shapes and even higher dimensional spaces. Yet, there’s also reason to believe that quantum field theory is missing something. It seems to be mathematically incomplete, leaving us with many unanswered questions.

…take a couple of bar magnets, and you push them together so that the two north poles approach each other — it’s an experiment that we’ve all done. And as you push these magnets together, you feel this spongy force that’s pushing them apart. Faraday made the very bold proposal that there was actually something in between the magnets. It’s amazing because you look at the magnets, there — it’s just thin air, there’s clearly nothing there. But Faraday said there was something there, there was what we now call a magnetic field there, he called it a line of force. And that this magnetic field was every bit as real as the magnets themselves.

So it was a very new way of thinking about the universe we live in. He suggested that not only are there particles in the universe, but in addition, there’s this other kind of object, a very different kind of object, a field, which exists everywhere in space all at once. He said, we would now say in modern language, that at every single point in the universe, there are two vectors, two arrows. And these vectors tell us the direction and the magnitude of the electric and the magnetic field. More in link below.

Louis Delmonte

If you are willing to accept that all reality (mass, space, time, and energy) is composed of discrete energy quantums, we can argue we live in a Quantum Universe. As a side note, I would like to add that this view of the universe is similar to the assertions of string theory, which posits that all reality consists of a one-dimensional vibrating string of energy.

If we have a quantum universe, we should be able to use quantum mechanics to describe it. However, we are unable to apply quantum mechanics beyond the atomic and subatomic level. Even though quantum mechanics is a highly successful theory when applied at the atomic and subatomic level, it simply does not work at the macro level. The macro level is the level we experience every day, and the level in which the observable universe operates. Why are we unable to use quantum mechanics to describe and predict phenomena at the macro level?

Answer to above quandary – Intuition is the ‘All Field’

Word Skill


Sofia Falcone

The philosophical implications of these data vary, but in general terms, it can be said that philosophically quantum physics tells us the universe is not a great machine made up of parts that are immovable, but that it is an intricate network of deep interconnections, and that these interconnections mean all the elements of the universe influence each other and can be modified by the observer. 

Based on this, we can deduct that time and space are not set, this also means the concept of being separate is more an illusion than a reality; interestingly enough this is what ancient teachings have been trying to tell us from the very beginning through the explanation of life’s duality or “maya”, and consciousness not being caged to mean the mind but everything inside and outside of us–which is alive and permeating of pure energy.

The relationship between the mind and consciousness

The Link

Quantum physics has changed the way we perceive the world, and how it has become the much needed link between “the mind” and “consciousness”.

By the end of the 19th century, most physicists believed they had discovered pretty much everything there was to be discover regarding Physics; except for a few loose ends. One of those lose ends, was the “problem” regarding the explaining of experimental data on caloric radiation; which did not fit the explanations of physics as it was at the time, or better said, the knowledge of physics they had at the time could not explain the experimental data. In order to try to solve this problem, German physicist Max Planck decided to find a proper solution.

The way it was seen back then, the electrons in heat radiation were supposed to give off energy continuously, but every time Max used the physics of the day to make predictions regarding that assumption, the predictions he got were absurd. After years of failure after failure, Max decided to look at the situation from another “Perspective”. He discovered that if he treated the electron’s energy emission not as a continuous wave, but as small amounts of energy or energy packets; or what he later called “quantum”, then the predictions could make sense and physics then would be able to explain experimental data–this is how Quantum Physics was born. See link below for full article.

In recognizing we are both, the light and the shadow, the sinner and the saint, the student and the guide, we start to integrate life’s extremes. None of us have all the answers, and your path will be an individual one; maybe yours is found in religion, others in science or others; it matters not as long as you don’t fall pray to the illusion…to dogma; for a dogmatic mind is a close mind and it can be found within every branch.

As long as your beliefs in practice make you a genuinely better human being; not based on programing or what others say, but serves your unique spirit, you will expand your consciousness–that is why life provided so many wonderful paths for our expansion. We are not cookie cut versions, we are the Philosopher Stone…we are the ultimate treasure. I don’t have to be like your nor you like me. I don’t have to find what is divine through the same means you do–that is life giving choice, and that is not only beautiful, it is wonderful! – Sofia Falcone

“Q” means ‘que’ or the waiting room – “wait your turn!” “Q” takes “U” with it wherever and whenever it goes/moves/speaks – is written or considered.

The “QUE”

  • Yes, a ton of waiting in the que with our questions about our quest of quantity and quanta and magic energy fields. The smallest, the largest and everything in between. One thing is crystal clear and clear as the Air:
  • The “Q” being the first letter of the first row on our keyboards makes it he CORNERSTONE of the entire keyboard and alphabet.
  • “Q” makes the ‘sound’ of “CUE” or “QUE”. These two concepts, “CUE and “QUE” are also immeasurably influential and more powered by association to the CORNERSTONE/FOUNDATION/BASELINE of the keyboard/alphabet/language.
  • Faux Net IC/phonetic trick below
  • Cue means the POINT or get to the point, apply yourself now.
  • Que means wait, do not apply yourself now.
  • There are phonetic tricks and lessons throughout the letters, words and language. EX., Language sounds to Lane Gage. Alphabet is also Alpha Beta.
  • “Q” means ‘que’ or the waiting room – “wait your turn!” “Q” takes “U” with it wherever and whenever it goes/moves/speaks or is written or considered.

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