Vagus Nerve – kundalini genie
The Vagus Nerve is our Twin Consciousness?
‘everything matters’

(Space) has Properties (Wave-Medium) that give rise to the many things (Matter as the Spherical Wave Motion of Space). Kundalini, as the ‘active aspect of the formless, attribute less, Absolute’ can now be described as the (spherical wave) Motion of One Infinite and Eternal Space / Source of All. As it is through (wave) Motion that Space manifests the many things.

A container, a field and a catalyst

The serpent is always symbolic of consciousness. Shown is the stimulation of both the vagus & pineal projecting consciousness up to the source, or consciousness. Cultural beliefs show DNA by it being birthed from an egg & splitting into Twins. Our ancestors have helped us by leaving that knowledge to us in symbolism to show us how our water body, the Earth and Consciousnesses all interconnect and function on the physical density plane & the non-physical or consciousness/spiritual plane.

These connections when identified reveal a grand connection between Human Hearts, the Earth/Universe and Consciousnesses. The ancient Vedas describe these things in detail and freely available to all.

Today we now know many functions in the body that make us aware – parts of our body that facilitate conscious. These findings are a match to the ancient methods -written down – of connecting minds. It was true what the ancients said and practiced. Our current hierarchies hide this from us to enhance their positions of domination. It was and is a genesis of sorts. A split into two camps of the same body. We have made twins of ourselves – One learned, one yet to learn. A Gen of IS IS.

What do ‘they’ know

Our ‘feudalistic leaders are well aware ‘the serpent’ has always symbolized the physical to consciousness connector in our Vagus nerve, brain function and the Pineal gland. The purpose of presenting the serpent as satanic and scary is to chase you from your birthright. They blatantly show their devotion to the power of the Pineal when they present us their Pine Cone sculptures and adornments. The Fat I Can buildings are designed with serpent ology throughout, while they grin at you and never mention it.

If we were not blind – we would see

In a ‘confidence game’ you first identify the victim and plan your treasure hunt. If ‘pre-conditioning’ is required or a series of ‘pre-conditioning’ is needed, it is accounted for in ‘the con game plan’. As the ‘mark’/victim falls for each pre-condition, the next level or phase of the ‘confidence game’ proceeds.

Ultimately the ‘mark’ is primed and prepared for ‘the takedown’ or ‘the harvest’ from all the hours and energy the con men have invested. If all goes as planned, the con men will be long gone and the victims long dead before anyone notices. We see the above today. Except it is few loyal to Wholly Would and the Fat I Can, the authors of the con – ‘taking down’ an entire civilization of many cultures and billions of persons.

The ultimate ‘confidence game’

We have become so blind to our powers that today our focus is completely misdirected from our true nature.. We literally mimic the techniques of above within our own minds, with ‘con games’ thoughts of self to rationalize our own behavior.

We do this amongst our social and business relationships. We have all become players and victims in ‘the confidence games’.

Past Research and Memories Bubble Up!

Edgar Cayce and many other researchers and visionaries have shared memories and data they have collected of ancient times and sunken continents. These were times of humanity that understood consciousness and shared the knowledge freely and equally across the people. Our modern times have feudalistic dictators who have claimed these powers for themselves alone.

We have tons of data and the time period since, from Ancient Egypt to prove all this but the hierarchies we allow to rule have “spun” these tales as fiction while entrapping our minds with re-direction. The very truth of our bodies they are hiding – they gleefully use under our noses to dominate and ‘squelch’/silence us and our mental tools we were born with.

In ancient times they constructed Megaliths such as pyramid, stone circles, sun-gates in locations where the Earths geomagnetic field fluctuated at certain times that would cause a direct path to the sun. The pyramid of Giza, lacks a capstone for this reason. Modern science is now confirming everything about the pineal that our ancestors knew since the earliest Vedic Sciences. The retinas photoreceptors and sound, light, Frequency all stimulate the pineal gland to alter consciousness.

Buy Ba’al has Flaws but reveals
Christ & Consciousness Connection within

Genesis 3:1 ”Now the Serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made “. Never is he called evil. The allegorical fall of man and his expulsion from Eden, in fact was the involution of spirit into matter. The same allegory is seen by the expulsion of Lucifer and his angels from Heaven.

Numbers 21:8 And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that everyone that is bitten, when he looked upon shall live.

John 3:14, And Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

EM – Equal Measure – Electricity Magnetism

“Electricity & Magnetism” are two of the most important forces to understanding human consciousness and how those forces in Earth immerse within our bodily functions.. The gov has de-classified only 1 of the Gateway Experience documents pages. That’s page 26 on “Astral Projection”. The NRC has also suppressed knowledge of parapsychology & mental phenomenon. The looking glass technology and the Giza Pyramid are and were remote viewing devices. Communications through ‘Mind to Mind’.

Hoo-zz the Boss

Since 1345, the HRC (not Hillary but the wholly Roaming Impire) aka the church is the boss. It conceals their dedication and adherence to what is called “mystery religions” or the Ancient methods of mental communication and influence. Their ‘secret’ is cloaked under the coat of Christianity and most of their symbology and rituals repeat and glorify ancient Egypt, Babylon and the Ennead.

They are ‘holding’ all the ancient data on our mysterious body, brain, mind and it’s plethoras of potentials and powers to communicate and cause change. If these powers were allowed to the general populace – the position of our dictators would fall. Their survival is at stake to ‘keep a lid on it’ and especially to “keep it on the down-low”.

Harvard Says So

The first culture we know had knowledge of magnetism was not the Greek but the Mesoamericans. Monte Alto statues or potbelly’s ( The same belief is found in Gobekli Tepe which translates to potbelly hill , the Indian Shakti cult of course is another. From the Harvard research: “team of researchers has shown that artisans carved the figures so that the magnetic areas fell at the navel(vagus)or right temple(pineal) — suggesting not only that Mesoamerican people were familiar with the concept of magnetism but also that they had some way of detecting the magnetized spots. “

Vegas Vagus Vedic Stimulations

Since 1997, VNS (vagus nerve stimulation) has been used as a therapy to treat people when allopathic pills fail. Epileptic seizures, neurologic quandaries, panic attacks, and other emotional consciousness and brain affected maladies such as clinical depression, systemic inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, etc. 10 years later in 2017 we see a study on consciousness where the first time operators have used device to treat someone’s Vagus nerve who was in a vegetative state for 15 years.

Four weeks of VNS saw the patient’s attention, movements, and brain activity significantly improved. After one month of VNS, the patient could follow an object with his eyes and turn his head upon request. His mother reported that her son could also keep his eyes open and had the ability to stay awake when listening to someone reading a book.

Ancients Already Proved It

Ancient Ancestors show us the Root of consciousness was the Vagus nerve. Restoring Consciousness Vagus Nerve Stimulation This was so important that they constructed Megalithic structures such as pyramid, stone circles, sungates in areas where the Earths geomagnetic field would fluctuate at certain times that would cause a direct path to the sun. The pyramid of Giza, lacks a capstone for this reason. We finally have modern science confirming everything about the pineal that our ancestors knew since the earliest Vedic Sciences. The retinas photoreceptors and sound, light, Frequency all stimulate the pineal gland to alter consciousness.

“These findings show that vagus nerve stimulation can yield changes in consciousness even in the most severe clinical cases,” the researchers said in a statement. “Brain plasticity and brain repair are still possible even when hope seems to have vanished,” Sirigu added.

As the authors describe in their paper: “These findings show that stimulation of the vagus nerve promoted the spread of cortical signals and caused an increase of metabolic activity leading to behavioral improvement as measured with the CRS-R scale and as reported by clinicians and family members. Thus, potentiating vagus nerve inputs to the brain helps to restore consciousness even after many years of being in a vegetative state, thus challenging the belief that disorders of consciousness persisting after 12 months are irreversible.”

Vagus means “wandering” in Latin. The vagus nerve is referred to as the “wandering nerve” because it is the longest nerve in the human body and has multiple branches that begin in the brainstem and take a circuitous route to the lowest viscera of the intestines touching (and influencing) just about every major organ along the way.

Your Vagus nerve facilitates a constant psycho-physiological dialogue between your many selves of physical and spiritual natures. The Vagus is commander-in-chief of the ‘inhibitory ‘stop-gap para-sympathetic nervous system which counterbalances “fight-or-flight” stresses in order to maintain balance/homeostasis.

Holly Wood Wanderers

Since Egypt was lost and Atlantis and Lemuria fell, many renditions and displays of the lost arts of exploring our consciousness have been developed and secreted by many groups with a few rising to the top of our “food chain”. There power of domination comes from their ability to exploit their consciousness and the consciousness of others.

“What is holly tree wood used for?

Traditionally, the Holly tree is highly sacred in Celtic mythology and symbolises peace and goodwill. Due to its resistance to lightning, it is associated with the Celtic and Norse gods of thunder, Taranis and Thor, and so was planted near dwellings to protect people from lightning strikes”

Its been used for many things related to ancient mysticism and spiritism

“The magical uses for holly are far too many to include herein but some of these are interesting to say the least. For example, holly trees were often grown in hedgerows in England to prevent witches from running along the top of a hedge or hedgerow that separated farms. Many ancient cultures believed that holly should be used to attract the powers of protection, consecration, healing and peace.

Others believed that throwing a spear or stick made from holly would make wild animals lie down or go away. It was once believed that men should carry a piece of holly stick to promote good luck and health. There are myths telling of gathering holly leaves, wrapping them in a cloth, tying the cloth with nine knots and putting the cloth under your pillow to make dreams come true. The ancient Druids believed that placing holly in their homes would shelter the elves and fairies that would join mortal humans during winter for good luck and protection against evil. “

MORE ‘Down Low Info’
‘everything matters’

Adept is sounding out a vibration –
Ah – de’PT. Ah is One Source, de means of, PT is ‘Perfection Therapy’.

The pole, tree, or cross are one and the same thing. It is the body or matter. The serpents on a pole is the Caduceus , still used today as a symbolic emblem of medical centers. It is the divine energies infused, fixed and crucified in matter. Through matter, as a vehicle and receptacle, this spiritual consciousness evolves and unfolds. Likewise matter is transmuted and uplifted through the unfolding and evolving of this light within.

The Rosy Cross of the Rosicrucians’ beautifully symbolizes this. The Rose in the center of the Cross represents man’s higher consciousness, unfolding itself as it is crucified in his body. The saying and statement reads, ” Ad Rosam per crucem, ad crucem per Rosam.” To my Rose by way of the cross, to my cross by way of the Rose.

“At the point in our investigation at which we have now arrived, we shall have to make some inquiry into that mysterious force said to be resident in man, which is so often called the Serpent Power. This is the Paraklete of the New Testament, the Speirema of the Greeks and the Sanskrit Kundalini.” ” The Secret Fire” by E.J. Langford Garstine ….. A must read for all aspiring alchemists .

“THE GREAT Magical Agent, by us termed the Astral Light, by others the soul of the earth, and designated by old chemists under the names of Azoth and MAGNESIA, this occult, unique and indubitable force, is the key of all empire, the secret of all power. It is the winged dragon of Medea, the serpent of the Edenic Mystery; it is the universal glass of visions, the bond of sympathies, the source of love, prophecy and glory.”

-Eliphas Levi

Vedic Metaphysics is evident in Sphinx, Giza, Gobekli Tepe…

below mirrored from

Kundalini Hinduism, Kundalini (Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी, romanized: kuṇḍalinī, lit. ’coiled snake’ is a form of divine feminine energy (or Shakti) believed to be located at the base of the spine, in the muladhara. It is an important concept in Śhaiva Tantra, where it is believed to be a force or power associated with the divine feminine(Shakti) or the formless aspect of the Goddess. This energy in the body, when cultivated and awakened through tantric practice, is believed to lead to spiritual liberation(rebirth).The term, along with practices associated with it, was adopted into Hatha yoga in the 9th century it has  since then been adopted into other forms of Hinduism as well. The divine power, Kundalini shines, like the stem of a young lotus Like a snake, coiled round upon herself, She holds her tail in her mouth And lies resting half asleep at the base of the body. (Yoga Kundalini Upanishad)

-The ordinary human world of many separate and discrete (finite) things (which our mind represents by our senses) is an illusion or Tau. (Gobekli Tepe -Tshaped pillarsTau).This is found with the Hopi, who similarly depict Pharoah Akhanetan of Egypt as an “ant”. (Ant means Anu,the Ant People are the Annunaki. Naki in Hopi means friends so Anunaki= Friends).Another strikingly similar word is the Hopi word Sohu, meaning “star,” and the Egyptian word sahu means “stars of Orion.”  The Hopi tell of 2 cataclysms 1 of ice & another sounds like a comet. In the Hopi legend, these Ant People were their saviours, taking them underground and teaching them how to survive two extreme cataclysms. Once again, we see stories of a great flood like that described in Sumerian texts and the Bible.Surviving underground with the Ant People, the Hopi ancestors learned how to grow food with little water and build dwellings in the rocks. They learned about the stars and mathematics and would put those skills to use when they founded a new civilization. The Dalai Lama when visiting the US found the Hopi important enough to visit. There’s Even more connections mentioned in the Gobekli Tepe thread.

Kundalini teaches Through meditation, one can experience their true Self which is Brahman, God, the One infinite eternal thing which causes and connects the many things. self is Uni As most ancient yogic translations, it all starts with Sanskrit. The translation of “Kundalini Shakti” from Sanskrit to English is “Serpent Power”. twin Yin and Yang halves that make the perfect circle. What’s more, it awakes a serpentine power. This power rises our spine and activates the third eye hidden between the two hemispheres of our brain. And it does that by unleashing seven invisible “chakras” also known as energy centers. Kundalini in Ancient Egypt This coincides with the movement of energy released within your body from the base of the spine up through the crown. This Kundalini energy is said to be like a snake, coiled at the base of the spine waiting to be released to your highest power.

Mountain, or Ded-pillar are prominent in Egyptian mythology and ritual; and much light is cast on the inner meaning of these symbols by Indian ideas. There we find the idea of an invisible canal called nadi in Sanskrit. Various translations have been made of the term: subtle canals (tubes), luminous arteries, psychic canals or nerves. There were many nadi, but three chief ones: Ida, Pingala, and Susumna. The last-named, the most important, corresponded to the vertebral column, Brahma-danda: “the microcosm of the macrocosm.” It wasthe great road for the movement of the spiritual forces of the body; andaround it were twined, like the two snakes on Hermesí staff, the two other nadi, Ida on the left, female and passive, and Pingala on the right, male and active. On the top of Susumna, at a point correspondingto the top of the skull, shone the Sun. Along the central axis werelocated six main centres or cakras (circles, wheels, represented in theshamanist rituals of Central Asia by the six cuts made in the Treebefore which the shaman falls in his possessed fit of initiation andwhich in turn represent the six heavens through which he ascends, withmimed episodes at each stage.) Vagus Nerve -Pineal (human consciousness)

At the base of the spine, like a snake coiled in its spirals, sleeps Kundalini, the ìigneous serpentine powerî, which awakens during the initiation and rises up, from base to top, through the various cakrastill it reaches Sahasrara, located at the suture on the crown where the two parietal bones meet. This aperture, the Brahme (Brahme-randhra), isthe place where ìthe Sun rises.î The original text thus expresses the imagery: ìThe Bride [Kundalini] entering into the Royal Highway [thecentral nadi] and resting at certain spots [the six cakras] meets andembraces the Supreme Bridegroom and in the embrace makes springs ofnectar gush out.î A Brahmin of Malabar, speaking of the Dravidiancaduceus, said, “The snakes that enlace represent the two currents thatrun, in opposite directions, along the spine.” Opposite directions yin/yang,  the Gods Sekhmet-Hathor, sun moon

Ramses VI of a staff on which stands a mummified figure; between him and the staff-top is a pair of horns, and wriggling across the staff, lower down, in opposite directions, are two snakes. The dead man, at the last Hour in the Book of the Underworld, leaves his mortal remains, sloughs them, and is reborn as the scarab Khepri. A stele sets out the idea: “Homage to you, Mummy, that are perpetually rejuvenated and reborn.” The horns on top of the staff are called Wpt, “summit of the skull, to open, divide separate” — that is, the parietal bones are thought of as opening to release the reborn dead-man. Wpt also means the Zenith of the Heaven. A figure in the tomb of Osorkon II at Tanis stands with a snake in each hand; the snakes criss-cross in their undulant movement, forming an X across the body. A symbol often cut on scarabs and scaraboids is that of the Ded pillar with a snake hanging on either side, the heads going in opposite directions. The word Imakh (Blessed) in its ending and especially in its determinative is represented by the spinal column with an indication of the medulla; the ending also denotes the canal or channel of the spine of the snake through which the Sun passes.

Pharoah headdress -hooded cobra,Falcon (vulture & cobra on Euraeus)

Humankind can be put on a scale of consciousness that is like a pyramid, where there are various levels, just like you see at the Great Pyramid of Giza that has levels and steps. Each of those levels represents a certain state of consciousness. And at the lower levels of consciousness, the pyramid is the widest, meaning that there are more people at that lower level of consciousness. And as you go up higher, you find more and more aware people, until you reach the apex of the pyramid where you find the highest—the top 10 percent, or even those who are in the top 10 percent of the top 10 percent.  vi Sani raua ra Yoni –“From masculine force, thundering, granting feminine.”Great Pyramid inscription

Akers Lions ” duality”again -the sundisk itself symbolizes the soul balanced between Yesterday and Tomorrow, and so centered. In other words, to locate this eternal present is to find our “soul within” or “higher Self” within. This is Mastery, and this is our task in life,  Hathor & Horus are associated with the Sphinx.Hathor was also the feminine counterpart to the god Horus,the falcon diety.  Hathor is mother of Ra, known as creator of all life. Her symbol was a sistrum – a musical instrument which made a noise like a tambourine. In mythology, she had healing powers. For example, she healed the eyes of Horus.  The inspiration for a recent rhead I did Sound Light Frequency was a Video with Ross Coulthart & Bryce Zabel where he mentions these as the secrets to the universe. The question was asked about the formula,which youll find here . Zabel isn’t talking about a mathematical formula in the traditional sense. The She is Brahman in the form of sound, the sound vibration of the Absolute, which manifested the universe.Reality and the interconnection of all things.

The One Thing / Brahman/One Source/God, (Space) provides to us Properties (Wave-Medium) that give rise to the many things (Matter as the Spherical Wave Motion of Space). Kundalini, as the ‘active aspect of the formless, attribute less, Absolute’ can now be described as the (spherical wave) Motion of One Infinite and Eternal Space / Brahman. As it is through (wave) Motion that Space manifests the many things.

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