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Christ! Propaganda – Universal numbers —
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— Last 1,000 years have been all propaganda. It is and has been so effective, most people have forsaken any value beyond the last 1,000 years of data sharing. A super fantastic and splendid job by the propogandists. For the average Man – a huge fail – but a valuable lesson.

There is One Universal Law in Creation: Proportion. The anti-law to that is propaganda.

Last 1,000 years have been all propaganda. It is and has been so effective, most people have forsaken any value beyond the last 1,000 years of data sharing. A super fantastic and splendid job by the propogandists. For the average Man – a huge fail – but a valuable lesson.

Roman Catholic Church. A committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions. Roman Catholic Church. A school (College of Propaganda) established by Pope Urban VIII for the education of priests for foreign missions.

“Whoever has the youth has the future”

Gregory 15 XV – January 6, 1622, a special congregation of cardinals who were to have supreme control over all foreign missions (Congregatio de Propaganda Fide) College of Propaganda. Obama cabinet stacked with Muslims Qur’an followers. Trump filled w dual citizen Israelis, Torah followers. Both books teach it is permissible and even mandated that Muslims lie to the infidel to conquer them.


Africa has structures of astrological nature dating 100,000 to 250,000 years. The fact we focus only on 1,000 years of Earth/Human history is irrefutable proof we have all become victims of propaganda and are being led like pets by the Con Men Managers of our landscape. This essay will show you the proof.

Most effective is the misunderstandings of what the term ‘Christ’ is and modern Roman Church Christianity. This includes many renditions of the central character, Ieosus, also known as Jesus of Christ. We will solve many questions and misconceptions below.

There is evidence of Humans in North America earlier than when Adam’s calendar was made, 100,000 plus years ago. This was the time of Paradise, no time was recorded, no separation was known or considered. It was a time of 100% righteousness. All creatures and Humans walked as One Mind.

The Universe in 3 Parts

Law 1 – Fixed/Proportionate/Honesty
Law 2 – In Flux/Separations/Propaganda
Law 3 – Fixed/Peace/Wisdom
3 squared = 9 – We have 9 digits, 1-9.

What’s Inside

  • This essay will fully explain propaganda.
  • how to identify it,
  • how propaganda affects our personal story.
  • how propaganda affects the world of affairs story
  • the 1-9 digits and influence
  • the Christ story and everyday life.

The Golden Ages

A look back to the Golden Ages. What made them ‘Golden Ages’?
Reverence and intention toward universal proportions that to them, were blatantly unmistakable and impossible to deny. These universal proportions have created us, sustain everything about us. Providing life, health, strength, emotion, reason, consciousness and growth. They also provide, when recognized, the “human secret”.

What One focuses on, becomes. In this regard, we are Creators.

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The Universe in 3 Parts

  • Thesis – beginning
  • Anti-Thesis – middle
  • Synthesis. – end
  • (123) Many of One = Balance
  • (456) Many of One plus One of Many = Chaos
  • (789) Universal Wisdom – Creativity Fulfilled = Balance
  • – plus – = “Many as One – – Paradise Righteousness” -Paradise and pre-beginning
  • – plus + = “Many as One plus One as Many – — K-OS” -post paradise and middle
  • – plus – = “Many as One plus One as Many – — Peace” -and Completion, Ready

In Order – Sequence

Each digit of 1 to 9 has been made from the previous sequence of digits. Ex., 3 is a cumulative effect of being preceded by 1 and 2. ———————

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Middle Finger (letter)

If you did not notice yet, 7 and “G” play vital roles in our era. The 7 is the only way to 8 which is the only way to 9. The middle letter in the middle row of our keyboards is “G”, the 7th letter. A key to understanding where the world and you are, right now. As seen in the shape of the letter “G” we can also see.

The middle letter in the middle row is “G”, the 7th letter. A key to understanding where the world and you are, right now. As seen in the shape of the letter “G” we can also see: Letter “C” or “C”hild – the 3rd – has a desk, table or lectern attached when it becomes a “G”.

There are 52 letters incl lower upper each have their own property, value and combine with …

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Seven, 7 and Separation

Seven, 7, separate and Separation means the motive and actions of seven. Everyone knows sever and seven are twins. In older languages seven was always called sep in Latin and Esperanto. Called cippus in Latin it meant a rod, shaft or club. The word separate has the sound of 8 within. It may be why six thought that 7 8 9.

This sound hint between 7 and 8 exists in China. There symbol for 7 has morphed over time and can now represent 7 or 8. If 「八」 was the original form of 「分」, then in terms of character development, ———

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Oldest 7

In the oldest search for seven and separate we find the last part of separate (parate, prepare) is *per in P I E languages meaning produce, procure, bring forward, bring forth. So the second part of separate means to procure or acquire something through some effort.

The first sound of separate is se and sep. Latin word sē means take apart. When combined with P it adds Perfection and “15” as a value.

The “P” is sharing the central position and in speech it is sounded wit a hard sound into and with both ideas in this word. The Perfection aspect of separating is in the definition of separate, the etymology and the location and hardness of the sound and symbol “P”.

Sep as a sound and idea has always meant “7”. This means that in those times and to today, “7” is dedicated to taking apart and procurement.

“7” is a build up to – and an accumulation of 1 to 6 and itself. we are shown its personality is to cut, take apart in effort to procure. “7” is telling us why we did what we did. Why we explored separations, re-creation and murder. After 1,000 years of shedding, adding, re-creating, living, dying, saving life and taking life – we have become fully Creative in blending and separating + and -.

Six lost Fear of Seven, can meet Nine now

“7” is welcoming us to Law 3 of Ma’at. The era of 789. Where 6 and 7 can join in the exit – “X” point of 8 which is the entrance to meet 9.

The words and symbols are speech and scribing which influence us dramatically in loud ways and more dramatically in quiet almost whisper ways. In our current era we are living as twins, one side of us knows everything and thinks we who are living on the surface are dead.

Your Twin is Revealed

The other half is you who knows almost nothing and thinks the spirit side is dead. Since the Romans turned the alphabet letters to the right, we have been in the Janusian era, the god of imagination. Only a god of imagination could believe and live this way. Of having a learned wise man attached back of heads to a young and thirsty for new knowledge young man.

This lack of separation is fine until the missing Creativity is known. Then separations must be explored next to fulfill the Creative sequence. Looking at and studying propaganda and uncovering it’s methods and motives, helps lead us to self-reveal our true history and natures.

The “X” It is in fact – the entrance to the …………….. see link.

25 – 52

  • 2 is located at the center of Stage One – 1, 2, 3 (outer numbers add to 4)
  • 5 is located at the center of Stage Two – 4, 5, 6 (outer numbers add to 10/1)
  • 8 is located at the center of Stage Three – 7, 8, 9 (outer numbers add to 16/7)

All triune numbers in sequence show a rise/upswing, a peak and a fall/downswing. Same as in a wave or a sine/sign/syne. The center number in a triune sequence is ‘the peak’ and therefor the catalyst of the set.

7 is in all things Mind and Body

Everything is good and everything matters. nothing is lost.
All is progressive. No one left behind

The “G” and the 7 have ultra importance in the stage humanity is currently in, and the je sound
Around 300 ad (aka c1300) ad the current roman empire began its dominant role of our era, the janusian era, where everyone walks with blinders on as twins like the picture shown above.

Seven is our first introduction to 789 but we have been getting to know 7 forever. 7 is the format or delivery infrastructure of our reality. Click for entire article, here.

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From Babyhood On

Similar to parents with small children. However we are matured. So we are personally, each person, taking the ‘lion share’ of responsibility for these actions as the propositioner is long gone and relieved from guilt as we take the proposals and run them out as far as they will go with our thoughts, emotions, willingness to repeat in speech and act them out. This makes us 99% responsible for any shameful acts or harming others or our own bodies.

“when this technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of Education for more than one
generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

(…a compliant media will be sufficient to run the this worldwide scam into perpetuity with USA schools and hollywood ghouls leading it”)

Long before television, it was decided to purposefully …….

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Legal Lying

HR 4310/ Section 1078 NDAA Obama 2012
repeals 1968 Smith-Mundt Act SMA
allows use of propoganda by US Federal Gov inside USA toward the average innocent free American.

Legal since Obomb Ya era. How many bombs?

Most Americans and the worldwide audience who watches us for leadership – are operating mentally and emotionally in the following way.

Each day we wake and begin to form our worldview for today, based on an very small and narrowly viewed selection of media sources, which in USA, all sa a very similar message that is more than obvious propaganda directed from above.

These educational news sources repeat the exact same story as all major media outlets in the country – obvious propaganda. Most of us believe we are informed because each of our mates discuss the same stories. We all watch our favorite news network program of programmers. We listen to the same on talk radio or scanning periodicals and ‘the morning paper’. We then briefly discuss these news events with a coworker and each reaffirm their collective reality. Known throughout the world as water cooler moment and it happens any and all places.

  1. We hear and accept it as “NEWS”
  2. Peers and other programmers seal or set the narrative.
  3. Later at home during dinner, same news is repeated and reinforced to make it more valid.
  4. During sleep those news stories build emotion and judgements leading to solidifying beliefs, speech and actions. All from a simple proposal on a flat scrying mirrored box.

Mind over Propaganda

It is a powerful tool when the victim is unaware of it’s implications – made possible through careful, timed and deliberate implementation of – propaganda and intentional manipulations of sound, words and carefully crafted proposals.

We as a people have been continually propagandized by governments and media/church controllers for 1,000 years, since Jesus Christ. We will use this essay on propaganda to prove a more correct picture of Jesus and Christianity.

This will also display the powers propaganda have had on humanity since the times of Ieosus/Jesus and especially on the ‘laws of Christianity’ as now they have been interpreted and executed as laws by governments/dictators.

Once the people fall asleep to this- they have sanctioned feudalism and their own demise. The hierarchies cannot resist increasing the con game as the victim continues to fail to respond.

It is the nature of con games and built into our condition. Any human can relieve himself and his family from these wretched acts by simply opening his eyes and re-claiming his life and sovereignty.

Propaganda exploits Minds of people who ‘lean on’ their Minds and not other parts of themselves. Propoganda is an extension of the Human Mind as a natural person not using the Mind would never entertain or be directable by propaganda.

A Created Mind

God made the Mind as a device to hold us in the era of Creations Exploration of Separations. The Mind is made by God but made in a design that however eternal it presents to us and within our personal Minds – Mind can never see, know or recognize God. A Man can recognize God and his Mind at the same time. A Man can fool the ‘Monkey’ Mind of Mimicry as a Man can deduce that the ‘Monkey’ Mind only knows what it has seen before and can only repeat what it has been told. It will never be able to recognize God or the Unified Field of Consciousness Pulsing through all things.

Only Man can do that but when using his Mind, he may also fall trap to it and be led down a myriad of destinations that feature ZERO arrivals anywhere, only returns to dissatisfaction.

AI, After Ieosus

AD means Anno Domini, which is translated “in the year of our Lord.” The designation of BC, meaning “before Christ,” is easier to decipher. The “in the year of our Lord” language is not in the original Constitution which ends at Article VII. In England old calendars wrote out i345 or i645, etc., meaning in the year of our Lord. Implying missing years …..

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