Been studying self and end of world theories
since 1967

I started studying end of world theories when I noticed at age 7 in 1967 everyone around me was in a sort of coma. It was an unfair world full of liars, cheaters and murderers. To say it rocked me is an understatement but as a, innocent and ignorant child with a 100 men’s energy, I was not deterred nor did I perceive any choice or change possible outside of how I would approach this criminal and deluded world.


Visions of the three days of excitement during a magnetic reversal pole shift started occurring from age 7 to 11. This event I would later find out is described in Rapture in the Bible. (Or is it Rape Surely from Buy Ba’al) I decided no matter what happened to me – I would get to the bottom of this unfairness.

The vision was of myself suddenly being pulled into the sky as if Gravity had been turned off and the spin of Earth was catapulting things not tied down. After the lift off my vision would end so never saw where that ride would end.

At age 11 to 18 I was blessed to befriend an authentic Sufi of world renown who had started a group in USA with my father and his new age friends help. The Sufi was called Bawa and he answered every question I had about life’s purpose, meaning and maximum outcome to intend for self. I believed him 100% but without experience of the world as a Man, I would be incomplete. That was 1978.

a Lifetime

Over a lifetime I studied the confusion over duality and I tried to taste and experience from both sides to become a Man of the World in order to become a Man of God. This concept I had so fervently realized my Faith in, was validated over and over, developed and reinforced since childhood. No doubt was ever shown but more and more validations, testimonies and experiences would appear, year after year.


Speed forward to 2022, my wife and I have been studying each other and the world together for 36 years continuous. Since 2020 we resolved all matters of judgement toward each other or any other member of the world. This extended to losing judgement of all sins and evil everywhere and determining a rational and positive reason for it. We found the validations and testimony to prove that and much more.

Below is a ‘confession’ I recently made in a group chat room about plasma apocalypses, pole shifts, magnetic reversals, earth changes and the earth model as well as other ‘spiritual’ subjects. My theories are rejected everywhere and all the testimony we aggregate is also called ridiculous. We have found zero people that want relief or the answers to their meaning and purpose.

The TV and Media appear to have complete control of the Minds of Earth. If you are aware of this and want people to share with… if you are out there, please speak up.

“OK, been with this group since before 2017. The last time someone here nodded to me has been months, years minus Shane. After time with you all and a lifetime studying these subjects. — I wrote 725 essays in a 1 million word blog.

Then transformed it into a short and simple 9 chapter book where each chapter explains our entire Creation story in simple terms, the good, the bad and the ugly. Am I proud of it? No, I did it to relieve myself of quandaries, that is all!

After I found peace and resolution to almost every matter, God came through my Heart and showed I must continue my study and share. I do not care for money. I do want to be needed. So far, almost no one has said they need me — far, far from that. The opposite. I shall continue. I have been provided a very long and detailed list of our flaws and why everything we say can be parsed and trashed, it is like a theme.

I am at total peace, both Nina and I, no worries. No monster can hurt us. We are not afraid of our mortal coil unwinding. We have peace and joy, regardless of what is happening outside our skin. except no one will talk to us or say we like you, or say thank you, or say good job. — crickets.

Thank you for allowing Nina and us to share. We have very few outlets or people to share with even after 10s of thousands of hours of writing, research and writing – no one cares, wow, what a world. We have posted around 500,000 words online in chat groups and a few thousand in voice calls.

Our study and labor will bring many fruits.”

If you are human and care please reach out

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