The Universe is simply one verse. The word of the Creator. All things are manifested from the Universe, the word of the Creator. This word represents energies, wisdom and human intercourse through the spoken and heard words of each other.

The universe wants all there is to discover within itself. Our Universe seeks an increase in creativity, knowledge and experience. The original sentient beings of our Earth are the most Exalted and considered the wisest and most capable in the Universe. We are willing to experiment on ourselves for the sake of the highest wisdom and the closest possible partnership to the Creator.

Our world is within the 6,000-year cycle of self-forgetfulness  or ” this world” in Bible text.. We are gently awakening.

The Cycle (psy-culling)

This cycle would bring about a new people with a nature that opposed to peace.  In fact,  even the plants and animals of today are different by Nature then the original animal and plant totems.

 For example, there were no blood sucking animals or parasites in our ancient Society.  These animals are a direct reflection of the foul nature, thought processes, and actions of the people.

 The Earth’s magnetic field records the development of life from the thought processes and minds of it.’s inhabitants.  Animals and plants receive their developmental direction from this magnetic field.

 Each animal represents a partial manifestation of a portion of our minds and aspect of the character.  Modern scientists, have identified these portions of the brain and have categorized them as the mammalian brain, reptilian brain, and insectoid brain.

 These animals developed from a part of the human mind.  This is in direct contrast to the teachings of modern-day evolution.


Known as the devil white race, these are the people of old who engaged in murder, separation and evil. They turned white from migrating North to find more resources. Also the equator changes over time to match the behaviors of men. As the human skin moves from the Equator, the skin adapts to receive more sun nutrition. A natrual evolution.

These cataclysmic civilization ending events are presented to the common man in hollywood and education as mysteries or they are simply mis-told. The devil white race eventually came into dominance and led the way in brutality and lies. Their group dynamic and beliefs and effects were so strong the whites have developed a type of egeregoric god entity which whites and especially leaders and manipulators of whites must contend with.

“We played sleep while they worked; now we are awaking and will build a new world which will make yours look like child’s play. We have above you seven inhabited worlds. They are with us. These seven worlds or heavens, the stars and the moon, show the weight of our brains.”

Maitseye Ma’at Makes Moon & Meat-Team

24 elders guided us in Ma’at One
15 broke off to become adam/eve – A1 and E5 (15)

9 remain (ennead) to become Earth and Twin Humans and to format/oversee ‘creation2’ (the 2nd Law of Ma’at)

Adam/Eve make the tree of knowledge of duality and the child serpent to interact with them. The union of these four a, e, tree, child serpent yields stage 2 pf Ma’at, Law 2 represented by Ennead’s 456 properties and design.

Stage 1 of 3
of (Ma’at) grand design of Earth Life – had people who were of one Mind and color and method of communication. Most all communications were through mental expressions and the Earth format and their systems could communicate over great distance. The concept of separate people or things did not exist. The idea of murder had never been thought of or done.

Stage 2
includes the previously known physicality of density and material or aka Matr, material, maternal, mother/nurturer as before but adds white people and separation and murder as ideas and to be executed. From this time on language, business, separation and murder develop together and grow to what we have today.

We are highly advanced, highly separated and engage in murder and cannibalism. The one race that remembers this the best also declares their ‘race’ the overseer of all races. They are the ‘race’/group that claims to partnering with the Child Serpent. Some groups proclaim loudly their heritage and intentions while next to them, their partners, who never spill. All are the original Canaanites and their hierarchies developed from pre Greek Phoenicia, another name for Canaan.

Pyramid Hierarchy for All and S-elfs

Stage 3
All use centuries ago learned inversions and hollywood neuro linguistic programming along with their corporate partners to flood citizens with ‘direction’ of their intentions. The corporate partners flood us with jobs and things to ‘pay for’. We are wholly owned by this small group – wechat free world style.

To enforce the con game, non-stop propaganda to uphold the con are flooded into minds and eyes wherever they might be. The group accesses the locations of the people through a carefully designed and widespreading infrastructure that touches near every person on the Earth at this time.

All corporates, governments, money systems, science, militaries, religions, publishing, history, media – all dominated within a hierarchy of this one group described in the world crash of 1345. ‘They’ are overseeing the transition of humanity into Ma’at Law 3.

We have completed 123, 456 and are moving to Law/Stage 3 of Ma’at 789.

More white/black revelations to come

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