What is Divine Creator + meditations

What is Divine Creator
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We pay our dues to meet our deus.
The journey of one to two and back to won is One.

Creation2Completion YT

… around 1,630 AD the church (the governing body of laws and ideas) separated all mysticism and alchemy into a separate channel. Church and Science/chemistry became partners versus alchemy and mysticism / ‘older mysteries of man.’

The word alchemy was traded in for a new modern term to reflect the advanced times. The new word was ‘chemistry’. Mysticism and alchemy have been fighting back since…

Divinity is Division

Divinity and the Divine Creator are split between ekklesia and egregore as we will prove:

Christianity owes no hatred to magic, but toward human ignorance. The science of God was driven into hiding to escape the impassioned assaults of a blinded love to separation and gain. In 1630 or thereabouts, it was re-branded and clothed, now referred to as alchemy and magic. Hence, new hieroglyphics, dissimulated its labors and denied it’s hopes. Men have since claimed all science within Christianity as their discoveries along with with their con men selling partners in the buildings called churches.

The science of God was driven into hiding to escape the impassioned assaults of a blinded love to separation and gain. In 1630 or thereabouts, it was re-branded and clothed, now referred to as alchemy and magic.

Men have since claimed all science within Christianity as their discoveries along with with their con men selling partners in the buildings called churches.

Science (say-once) became a silent partner to CH-ur-CH in and around 1630 to 1720, they work together to OWN everything. OWN-WON-NWO.

Our ‘true duality’ is born from a third and infinitesimal point of origin.
Look up the biggest world crash by Venetians in 1345, then read the ’13 stars rows’ USA inverted pyramid on gold plated coinage ‘1345’ — 1, 2, 3 — Two is hidden – 2 is a ? with a baseline, headed right, facing it’s origin.

Two is You and One and Deus

Revieiwng the word ‘deus’ and ‘duece’ and ‘deux’ also links us to the idea of ‘2’ and ‘two’ and ‘tu’/you/U.

The “Y” and the “T” show off the duality and the triality. It tells us the answer as it asks the Question.
A commonly held view of “Divine Creator” is “emanating from, or being the expression of a deity”.

Deus is the Latin word for “god” or “deity”. Latin deus and dīvus are in turn descended from Proto-Indo-European deiwos, “celestial” or “shining”, from the same root as *Dyēus, the reconstructed chief god of the Proto-Indo-European pantheon.

Refinements and define-ments can lead to alignments and dis-alignments, sum things are not definable and will remain that way to ‘self-conscious’ leaning beings, ‘itza mystical thing’.

How do you retain knowledge & understand it?

Determine what is important and by proportion. Care about what is important and give it a order of priority. ID yourself, ID your priorities. ID the proportions of your efforts, where, when, how.

PUT IT INTO PRACTICE, review your efforts, show yourself you care and enjoy the results, love yourself and the one who created you. Allow yourself to be 2 and 3 and One. You are a defined being and you are undefined. We are the origin of ourselves, calling to ourselves – the ekklesia. And we are a development in flux which assembles as egregores. We are divinely created this way to experience life in this way.

‘Ah-Law-ance’ — allowance

Allow for your multiplexity. Learn to resolve it and all issues that surround you.

faith, charity, goodness – go a long way

Brain cells and the brain muscle need nurturing and attention. It is a most fantastic instrument and gift from the One. The brain and neurons automatically yield to your will and actions and immediately assemble, re-assemble, grow, move, make new neurons, fill up one compartment, adjust others – all according to your will and actions and diet and sleep maintenance. Learn the wonder of your brain, exploit it, care for it, love it. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY

Two Messages of Reflection

A Consciousness Reflection – Contemplation

The self-conscious tends to ‘shadow’ itself in efforts to fulfill a temporary and temporal control of life. The self-conscious generates thoughts, feelings and manifested reactions toward stress and anxiety.

The self-conscious tends to hold a narrow ‘view’ of the entirety of self and Consciousness.

The self-conscious tends to be attracted to time limits and reasons for death.

Consciousness is eternal, unlimited, omnipresent and omnipotent. Consciousness surrounds and flows through our True Self and it allows us to relax and go with the flow of life. It provides harmony and grace.

Contemplation and reflection in silence is a peaceful and dynamic way of re-connecting a loving relationship with our True nature and Meaning.

As we reclaim ourselves away from exploitations, we can release and ‘allow’ for our origin to appear, the “self-consciousness leaning ego” weakens and yields some of it’s control to trust in what it can see.

Let us contemplate; Divine Creator of Me, please Bless Me. I should like to release control and recognize you to live my life and carry my judgements.

I am contemplating your Grace as it precisely flows through my breath and life. I relinquish all my worry and angst over to you and your Perfection.

I place in your hands, all of my decisions today. I release all judgements of myself. I release all judgements I am having about the people in my life and thoughts.

Worry and apprehensions of the future shall not concern me as I will place them in your hands. In your hands and with your Grace I place the futures of myself, my loved ones and my world.

I have surrendered all aspects of our life to the Author and Origin of Creation. To the higher power, my Divine creator.

The Divine Creator takes care of your life. Consider the deus, the de’us, the two, the divine. Consider the silence. Silence offers completion. The counter to revolutions.

Silence in every form including ‘totality’, is to grant yourself complete and unconditional surrender. To will this to yourself is to taste completion. To allow all judgements to be handled by the Divine Creator, DC.

Allow yourself silence. Allow your worthiness to silence. When thoughts arise – consider it an opportunity, not a problem.

The opportunity is to re-realize and bring awareness back into your silence. Allow yourself to ‘simply be’. Trust in your amazement and magnificence. In the power that created you, the Divine Creator.

Make these moments of reflection ‘permanent memories’ and ‘recallable feelings’. Create an attitude of surrender and trust to ‘your magnificence and perfection’.

Create a file in your brain of ‘permanence to your reflections’ that you can retrieve at will. Practice this.

May the Divine Creator Bless you with all the Peace, Grace and Patience you will like to have to face these issues.


Who Am I – reflection

Within our form that we see and know, each of us have a formless also. We are two. One is defined and has an end. The other is eternal, timeless, infinite, spiritual and Creation itself.

Your self-conscious is finite with a beginning, a peak and an end. Consciousness is omnipresent and omnipotent. All self-conscious beings are of
Consciousness, which is the only true power and presence.

Our struggle is our challenge. It is the power and struggle of dues or Two. The ekklesiastic call from within from the One True Creator of Life and Perfection.

When we awaken to this – our struggle becomes our joy and our challenge becomes our duty. We see how the Creator has created us to play Life with Him. In the game of ekklesia and egregoria we find the mightiest glory-ah.

Peace, joy and content are indeed, our natural state. When we live this, we see the manifestations of it. The outer life begins to reflect the peace and happiness found within.

Learn how to silently say ‘I am’ and learn the deepest meaning and satisfaction. We will learn together to make it deeply personal to ourselves and for each other.

Close your eyes and repeat: “I”, “I”, “I”
Picture these three I’s, sense the feeling of “I”. Feel the most intimate connection to your unique self.

Add the words “am here” to your expression. “I am here”. Then add the word “exist”. “I exist”.

Is “I Am” – the deepest knowing possible to each human being? Feel peace and grace as you sense no effort to think, sense or say “I Am”.

The “I” that you are sensing is your infinite eye – your awareness of ‘Consciousness’. It is the Eternal and Timeless “I”. It is a powerful mystery when unobserved or recognized.

When we combine this “I” – the infinite “I” – with our self-conscious thoughts, we are mixing our ekklesiastic “call from within” to our egregorical “human thought creations”.

Infinite Consciousness experiences itself without time or comparisons. In your contemplation of your infinite “I” you may disregard every thought and reflect and meditate on our ‘true self’ that lives within you and your infinite “I” and eye.

When thoughts show up in your ‘place of silence’, simply accept your duality and be at peace with it – then return to ‘your place’ of silence.

As this becomes challenging, troubling or ‘less desirable’ to you, make an agreement with both sides of yourself to co-exist and ‘press forward’. You can put down this test of yourself at will and also pick it up again. You are 100% in control of your destiny.

Consider ‘allowing’ yourself to rest into the feeling of “I Am”, I, I, I Am. With practice and application you can return to your emotional memory of the peaceful state of “I Am” and your thoughts will disappear automatically.

Your beinghood is including your ekklesiastic sense of magnificent origin with your developed egregorical state from intense explorations. We are all deux or two. We are all duece and deus.

We pay our dues to meet our deus.
The journey of one to two and back to won is One.

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