What is Pyramid? Man/12 – Woman/12

What is Pyramid? Man/12 – Woman/12
We do have a logical and written account of how the stones got cut and stacked, it is plausible. The symbols and letters and digits give us half the story. Most will not investigate.

What is Pyramid? – MW

“P” – YRAM- ID. Meaning, Perfection Mary Identified/Selected

BI-N-ARY is a CAN-ARY — 0/1 – dust to dust
nothing to sum thing? — ill-logic-cull

creation2completion YT

We do have a logical and written account of how the stones got cut and stacked, it is plausible. The symbols and letters and digits give us half the story. Most will not investigate.

We entertain complexity to propagate our anxiety over the perplexity of our antiquity. Our mocked up history leaves it all a mystery. The rain of tears from the reign of fears is exactly what the loud crowd cheers. Our defense is ignorance – of the dense and tiny ants. A funny dance to buffer our rants that keep our roles and prove our stance.

ALIEN is A Lien
Dues are also deus
pyr is also pur

PYR, Ancient Greek: πῦρ ‎(pûr, “fire”)

Old French: pur, from Latin: purus ‎(“clean, free from dirt or filth, unmixed, plain”)
Old English word for pure is “maere”, as maere looks strikingly close to Mere/Moor. True Moors are the light/love of the world and are here to bring the heat aka fire aka pyr/pyra. PYRA + MID is now FIRE/LIGHT/MOOR/LOVE + MID.

MRY is also water — Water is wisdom, that’s how we reach enlightenment. WE LIVE IN WATER BODIES!!

MID means with, in conjuction with, in company with, together with, by means of, by, among, in, in the sight of and together.

Love is the highest frequency/vibration on Earth.

Human Body is Pyramidical & Tri-unal

We human beings are walking, breathing pyramids; microcosms of universes; we are each a shining example of love, peace, truth, freedom, justice and righteous action for all the willing souls around the world.

‘Pyramids’ can symbolically/energetically face any direction as seen in the “X, V, A”, which also appears inside the “8”. The tri-unal triality of base/foundation, mid/grow/intensity, peak wisdom cue is seen throughout life and human experiences.

Separation from Paradise

When we cast the die, we build them in pairs. Each represents the journey of a Man and a Woman. When they walk as a pair, they are matched. Paradise becomes attainable. Why did we move from point “A”, the beginning – into paradise. What purpose to disturb ‘paradise’ and become a Man and a Woman — or a pair of dice.

Each of us are within a ‘pair of dice’ or rather a – Body/1. It has 5 extensions, arm, leg, leg, arm, head. Total equals 6 parts or ‘sides’. And a Head of ‘six sides’.

Our head makes this format again: Head/1. It has 5 extensions;

mouth/tongue, nose/breath – life, speak,taste
L eye – see
R eye – see
L ear – hear
R ear – hear

Head & Body are a Pair of Dice, 12 sides

So we are living our Paradise as a ‘pair of dice’. Each of us are split this way. It allows a greater exploration of the material world and each other as we exist in it. What are these ’12 parts’ we each are an assembly of? What is the mysterious 13th we always hear about? Is it our ‘mystery’ partner” A silent partner that powers us, provides intelligence and watches us?

A Man has 12 parts to represent the Day. A Woman has 12 parts to represent the Night. Together we make an entire cycle of one day and one night or 24. In the mirror, 24 is 42, said to be a coded message to unlock our Universe and Purpose.

“X” quadrality of pyramids

“X” is known for many things. It symbolizes 4 pyramidal “V” shapes, emanating out a quadrality projection from an infinitesimal point of origin. When we study the “X” we find many clues to our existence. It is One with 5 parts, 4 projections and an emanation/origin point.

Two “X’s” makes a Pair of Dice

An an expression, when two ‘exes’ make amends, they become ‘whole’ again. In other words they become a team again or a unit. In our modern numerical system two “X’s” has a numerical history as “XX” means 20 in Roman numerology systems.

XX ( Dos Equis ), means 2 x’s in Spanish. And there are hundreds of times it is used as any symbol out there. The X and the XX are thoroughly used and abused. A most popular use of ‘XX’ today is to mean ‘crossbred’, as seeing oneself this way is trendy today.

Accountability -XX- Change

We are typically holding onto something negative and would be best served by resolving it. This could be an internal struggle requiring wisdom attainment, self-forgiveness and requiring forgiving someone else. It is always related to misunderstanding the ‘dual’ relationships we serve internally and externally. Both to ourselves, the opposite sex and the community.

Paradise and Pair of Dice Rule

To ignore your playing field and the tools of your game would be a gamble indeed. You are a dual. One is fully paradise and one is fully a pair of dice. A Perfect 12 across from another Perfect 12, each of you with the same Partner. Our total is .25

.25 is One – halved and halved again.
The road to here is the same to there.

Paradise – Pyriphlegethon – Pair of Dice

In the old stories closer to the break away from paradise, stories of over worlds and underworlds are written to explain the detail of separation. For example:

Pyriphlegethon: river of fire in the underworld in Greek mythology, flowing parallel to the river Styx, 1 round the underworld, down to Tartarus, is one of the five rivers of the underworld (including Styx, Lethe. Phlegethom, Cocytus and Acheron). According to legend, the water of Phlegethon has the ability to heal physical wounds, giving a little more life so that evil spirits can reach the place of punishment. Legend has it that the river goddess Styx and the river god Phlegethon fell in love but could never be together because when they met, Styx would evaporate because it was too hot, and Phlegethon would disappear because it was too cold.

…where the dead have come to the place where each is led by his genius (daimon), first they are judged and sentenced . . .

“7” is “L”/El – inverted and slanted
perfect cover

the seventh circle of hell, containing the shades of tyrants, murderers, robbers and those guilty of sins involving violence against others. Virgil mentions Phlegethon with the other infernal rivers in the Aeneid.

Lo! to the secret shadows I retire,
To pay my penance till my years expire.

The governmental and judicial system within the United States of America, at both federal and local state levels, is owned by the “Crown,” which is a private foreign power. Before jumping to conclusions about the Queen of England or the Royal Families of Britain owning the U.S.A., this is a different “Crown” and is specifically referencing the established Templar Church, known for centuries by the world as the “Crown,” aka “the vati-crown,” they presume the “V.”



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