‘So Shall’ ME-Dia stole my friends – S & M = Slave Media

‘So Shall’ ME-Dia stole my friends – S & M = Slave Media – warning! –
Social Media is a form of social alchemy and spiritual alchemy. Same as minerals alchemy but related to mentalities and managing the population’s motives and beliefs. All the proof and historical documentation below and steps to reclaim your sovereignty.

‘So Shall’ ME-Dia stole my friends – S & M

Social Media is a form of social alchemy and spiritual alchemy. Same as minerals alchemy but related to mentalities and managing the population’s motives and beliefs. All the proof and historical documentation below and steps to reclaim your sovereignty.

We are updating our ‘the bosses/commoner’ situation daily as the creeps begin to impose feudalism on the world population. Most are unaware or think bitching about it is enough of a response. On this site, each step and plan of the creeps is covered and the many steps an individual and their family can take to retain their sanity, basic needs and progression as a member of the human family.

This site purpose is to highlight the ‘split’ that has occurred in our human family and determine our best responses and actions to complete our education.

S & M = Social Medea = sadism/masochism

a selfish world of separatists will be exploited to it’s ends..

Who are the creeps? We are all responsible together for the fact that amongst our hierarchal groups there are creeps and creepy agendas. Unregulated or ‘un-noticed’ hierarchies will naturally assume power as it is made available.

Social Media is an extension of Social Alchemy as explained below. It naturally leads to separatism, sadism and masochism. This makes it quite fitting to have the acronym of S & M.

Social media is the big winner today. And their employees and directors who work in lock-step as subordinates to the owners of everything, ie, the banks and governments. Their efforts are mostly misunderstood until you get into the boardrooms where motives can be discussed freely.

For us outsiders, we use our ability to observe, calculate and discern. Since all the media efforts are directly related to us, it is not so difficult to unwrap what is happening.

For those who close their eyes to the theft of their sovereignty – they will trade it to their ‘very attentive’ and loving, monster-owners – their new owners that they pass their sovereignty to. ‘Their’ needs will be met if they comply to their owners demands. Same as an owner-pet relationship today.

Why is ‘social media’ a phrase that exposes this evil agenda. What can we learn from this experience.

‘al-kemia’ – modern use of alchemy

Everything is a proposal, including alchemy. Alchemy has always been practiced as long as we have history, by people who want material wealth, to transmute materials and mentalities, to formulate a universal elixir for immortality and/or to gain ‘advantage’ over groups of people. Regular people use and are affected by alchemy throughout their days without even recognizing they have it, are using it, affected by it or that they have complete control over it.

The modern word “alchemy” comes from the Egyptian/Arabic/Greek word “al khēmia,” which incorporated a vast spectrum of knowledge of mental, physical and chemical properties and techniques of use from ancient times. Most of the ancient text revealing this knowledge has been ‘secreted’ away by our leaders. The current leaders of ‘social alchemy’ in our societies today.

Social Media is a new name for ‘Social Alchemy’ which means to alter the social landscape or attitude of the people in an effort to change their thinking, beliefs and actions.

Social Alchemy has never left our world. It has always been here under a wide range of names and groups who exploit it for gain.

Names like ‘social structures’, group dynamics, education systems, churches, religion, community organizations, media groups, Hollywood programs, gov propaganda, corporations, advertisers, etc. All use social alchemy to achieve their goals.

The oldest use of social media and social alchemy go back to ancient Egyptian and Arabic times. It has always been in use effectively molding populations and groups.

We can identify it’s use within any and all groups of two or more people and even within a sole individual’s own thoughts or ability to separate his thoughts and actions.

Basically, all of us enter ‘human life’ into a world of proposals and reacting to proposals. We ourselves learn the art and technique of being proposers ourselves in order to participate with the world systems.

2 steps back for 1 step forward

It is helpful to understand social media and social alchemy by looking at the history of it’s usage and the history of the word alchemy.

There is a mountain of historical data on the use and sequences of ‘social alchemy’ in all civilizations and the techniques used. There are two agreed ways alchemy was thought of and used in Egyptian or Greek times as is written.

In Greece the word is χημεία and means pouring, infusion, used in connexion with the study of the juices of plants, extended out to general chemical manipulations. Also related to khuma (χύμα), “that which is poured out, giving it the position of being ‘called out from’ or ekklesia which is also a Greek term.

In ancient Egypt it meant ‘black/fertile earth’ or ‘the Egyptian arts’ or a general term for Egyptian physical and meta-physical arts and sciences.

Social Media/Alchemy has received a parsing and narrowing of focus of steady and increasing proportion since Egyptian times. We can observe how this has led to various levels of knowledge in this subject and it’s cultural effects. Our individual knowledge bases in these areas of such importance range from nil to vast across the hierarchal landscape of our social structures.

If this continues we have no destination other than feudalism. The more each person demands to be ‘a god unto himself’ – the closer he brings the life of a slave closer to himself. As a group, the world population has parsed itself individually and within groups to the point or level that we have all become entirely and irresistibly, exploitable.

1630 – church takes over social alchemy

The 14th to the 17th centuries were filled with writers and investigators of ancient mysticism, occult knowledge and various spiritual conclusions which were all being ‘secreted’ by the church. This included alchemy knowledge, social alchemy and spiritual matters that conflicted with church doctrines and so on. The various writers, researchers and groups speaking out for knowledge and free exchange of ideas were defamed continuously and eventually lumped in with ‘modern day’ hucksters and charlatans of the 19th century. The cartoonish quacks that were often depicted wearing eccentric costumes and casting spells with appearing-ly silly concocted formulations.

Spiritual Alchemy

Wisdom, immortality and control/dominion/transmuting minerals. This is the three-fold motive of the alchemist. beliefs, concepts, opinions, wounds, fears, and phobias. 

Throughout the history of spiritual alchemy, it has always been used to achieve contentment, harmony, and awareness by liberating, delineating, clarifying one’s baseline and foundational power or essence from one’s worldly, material and aggregated personality. The aggregate we are trying to separate from are our developed beliefs, concepts, opinions, wounds, fears, and phobias. Our aggregated view of our life and it’s purpose.

A glimpse can be found here  in Dark Night of The Soul, a sixteenth-century poem describing the journey of the soul to union with the One Creator, former worldview dismantled, we undergo an existential crisis of sorts. This opening up to spiritual development is arduous as our former baselines of identification are having an appearance of being invalid. Additionally, we face a type of void or presently considered, ‘unknowns’. We know God exists as we experience the proof and validations moment by moment. These opening moments of sharing our limited self with our unlimited self are the best alchemy – self alchemy!

7 Stages Spirit Alchemy

“In Chemistry, dissolution refers to the dissolving of solid material, such as salt dissolved in water. It can be understood in Jungian terms as the dissolution of the ego. Since the dissolution stage takes water as its symbol, it is also associated with intense emotions, as water often symbolizes the reservoir of emotions we contain within. The dissolution stage involves the outlet of repressed emotions from traumatic events that we have pushed down in our psyche. It can be a very cathartic step as we free ourselves of past painful experiences.”

The Seven Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

“…the originator of alchemy has always been said to be Hermes Trismegistus, whose works are supposed to contain a complete record of all its mysteries. After the conquest of Egypt by the Arabs in the seventh century, the Arabian scholars carried on the work of the Alexandrian School, which by the eighth century had reached Morocco, where it flourished exceedingly.”

Origins, transmutation, study, practice and science

Next- How Your Body, Soul & Mental will be Captured

Do not miss the upcoming expose of how our ‘S&M apps’ will deliver our basic needs month to month and our social compliance dictates. Be ready to have S&M declare ownership of you. This will be broadcast publicly, imposed by supported and enforced dictates and by the law.

SA & SM Advice 2Win (twin, T-Win)

“First there should be the invocation of God, flowing from the depth of a pure and sincere heart, and a conscience which should be free from all ambition, hypocrisy and vice, as also from all cognate faults, such as arrogance, boldness, pride, luxury, worldly vanity, oppression of the poor, and similar iniquities which should all be rooted out of the heart—that when a man appears before the Throne of Grace, to regain the health of his body, he may come with a conscience weeded of all tares, and be changed into a pure temple of God cleansed of all that defiles.”

Basil Valentine

When above ‘self alchemy’ is left unchosen – social alchemy, spiritual alchemy and social media designed by men, will appear everywhere you look or sense awareness. Your fate and focus will be arranged by them.

Advice of Trithemius of Spanheim
to his students

If you, who reads this, feel that you are worthy and ready to take up the study of alchemy, whether in its physical, mystical, or both aspects, then we can do no better than commend to you the advice of Trithemius of Spanheim to a young student of his:

“Now, art thou a man, in whose soul the image of Divinity is sealed for eternity, think first what is thy desire in the searching after these mysteries! Is it wealth, honor, fame, power, might, aggrandizement, and the like? Perhaps thy heart says, All! all these I would gladly crave! If so, this is my answer; seek first to know thyself thoroughly, cleanse thy heart from all wicked, vain, and rapacious desires.

“Thinkest thou, oh man! to attain power to gratify thy lusts, to enrich thy coffers, to build houses, to raise thyself to the pinnacle of human admiration; if these are thy hopes and desires, thou hast reason to lament thy being born: all such desires are immediately from the devil, I mean that Being whose engines (i. e. myriads of demons) are continually in the act of placing sensual delights and luxuries before the depraved minds and hearts of man, and whose chief business and property it is to counteract the benevolent actions and inspirations of those blessed spirits who are the instruments of God our Creator.

“Fear God and love thy neighbor; use no deceit, swear not, neither lye; let all thy actions be sincere. Here, O man! is the grand seal of all earthly wisdom, the true talisman of human happiness. When thou shalt accomplish this, behold nothing will be impossible unto thee as far as God permits: then with all speed apply thy mind and heart to attain knowledge and wisdom; with all humility throw thy dependence on God alone, the author of all things that cannot die.”



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