Ace is The Place – Seastars & Seasuns


races places paces stasis maces

is it a race to a stasis

the Hippocratic␣faces are staring down the places
and the handicap spaces filled w dead spaces

duck␣races duty␣aces dwelling-places
filled with fireplaces and fishing␣spaces

egregore vs ekklesia, the human condition
greenspaces and grimaces and hackerspaces

persia russia celestia tunisia
ambrosia malaysia rhodesia symposia

which is the analgesia
which is the aphrodesia

an orthodox of paradox
to undermine the paradigm

the map of timelines
sing the sub lines

ekklesia means getting called out
egregore means getting called in

one rises you from the floor
the other gives 1door 2door 3door

ekklesia erases amnesia
egregore pours anesthesia

the conjuror is the injure de jure
the perjuror the abjurer

the conjured egregor
race against time, slide into sublime

the thought, the persuasion
the emotional invasion

off␣to␣the␣races with one-horse␣races
open␣half␣spaces and pacesetting palaces

palefaces in parking␣spaces
dark laces in partyplaces

a major voyager from integer to charger
a lager a luger a ledger to larger

egregores ekklesians the human conditeans
from the crustaceans to the atlanteans

nano-interfaces and dimensional␣spaces
monkey-faces mono-spaces and funny looking moon-faces

physiologic␣dead␣spaces covered with pearl␣necklaces
public␣spaces – red pizza-faces and fancy pillow␣laces

homogeneous␣spaces and homointerfaces
interstellar␣spaces and market␣places

race against time, slide into sublime
clean vs grime, a short five and dime

acetabular acetogenesis was the mandibular kinetesis

acetyl-cholinergic is acetylenically and biopharmaceutically
and irrefutably the neutraceutical of the therapeutical

Our ancestors built the pyramids.

Our ancestors left pyramids all over the world
to help us remember to be who are.

Seastars and Seasuns

Seastars and Seasuns created to assist and uplift fallen humanity
as Love and Intelligence. Children of The Most High


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