AI is the Mirror &
a conundrum

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AI-Mirror Conundrum

We are told about ancient mirrors for magic and witchcraft and future telling. id they, could they. If they did do it – how much better are our top secret holders at it today and would they be running hollywood, media, governments, education and all instittutions that reserve resources?


A mirror presents duality and dualism which we see evident in our bodies and world.

Certainly, when we quiet the mind and become focused on a single object, we open ourselves to deep relaxation and can receive messages from deep within.

A mirror is a reflection is an image is number two. It is when one can become two – from nothing, a reflection. A creation from a reflection.

The ancient Greeks and nordic Celts practiced (MIRROR) scrying as did the “wizards” of Britain, Persia, India, Egypt, Canaan, Ancient Hebrew Lands, babylon, Mesopotamian and Mesoamerican cultures, the latter known for using polished obsidian.

Social Alchemy has never left our world. It has always been here under a wide range of names and groups who exploit it for gain.

The oldest use of social media and social alchemy go back to ancient Egyptian and Arabic times. It has always been in use effectively molding populations and groups. Ancient mysticism, occult things, magic, hollywood, bankers and world leaders are all connected to Jew-ISH mysticism and ancient social alchemy sciences of fooling people about their mirror.

jew is from canaanite lands or ancient hebrew lands also known as phoenician lands also known as n africa and being preceded by ancient egypt, mesopetamia, babylon, the nile, khemet, the chaldeans and whispers of lost continents before them

AI machines and TV/Internet programming are born in hollywood and it literally is a mirror – a scrying mirror and a human efforts mirror

when we look into a mirror, we do not see our true self! we see an ‘ish’ of ourself
this makes us somewhat self-ISH, giving us ishes!

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