Here is a 7 part video lecture to explain how J + U is a huge factor and explainer of the Human Condition, Part One is “Who’s Your Daddy”

“Who’s Your Daddy”

Pt Two – the videu called ‘ju’ – #words

This section helps us understand the purpose and deeper meaning behind the “J” and the “U”.

-JU- doo edu Learning Show

Now we will answer everything about the sound and pictures we see and feel when we put the sound of J and U together.

Pt 2 -JU- doo edu Learning Show

The rest of the ties ins of the spelling, letters of J and U. And the sounds of J and U. And the various meanings and concepts around J and U. Basically, edu on J and U.

J + U leads to ekklesia and proof of meaning

This journey directed us to ekklesia, way back in Greek times and before. It turns out everything J + U is related to YOU and ekklesia, right up to today and the present moments and times we are in, see below to find relief.

Final Chapter Ekklesia is You!

All you need to fill in every gap and fill your spiritual tool belt are wrapped up in this final lecture on J + U.

Our next series is on mirrors and AI-IA and will be very revealing!

Way Back – to the Pyramids

This is not part of the J + U lectures but is a good baseline of info, happy revealing’s!

your new Daddy – Is You!

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