How Six Reconciled w Seven
(13579 are feminine, 2468 are masculine)
(13579=25/7 — 2468=20/2)

“7” always here

Feminine -digits flank, center and flank – Ma’at Stages/Laws 1, 2, 3.
Masculine digits center, flank and center Ma’at Stages/Laws 1, 2, 3.
Scales of Balance, always

Man/6 – 7/feminine, see above
The first thing to stop a Man/6 from merging w 7/feminine is he thinks he is Number One

Six/Sex is an End Game

Six is the end game in Stage Two of Ma’at, the Creation to Completion saga we are all within. Masculine numbers 4 and 6 are flanking feminine “5” in Stage Two. (see chapter “5” in the book).

Since Six is the 3rd number in Stage Two (456), he has been the boss for sometime and does not want to relinquish his ‘authority’. Each stage has in it, 3 stages. They are represented as a wave. Struggle upswing, Climax at Peak, slow coastal downswing to Silence. Waves are continuous, in flux. Please check this link to refresh, 5 Min Creation.

Seven is the 25 and 7 when all the feminine digits are added/combined. She is always within this model as a ‘format handler’. Nothing passes in our world without regulation or attention from the seven. She is the Mother of all the Stages. She is now challenged to force and coax six into agreement. This situation, makes six nervous. Thus the fable.

Six’s power numerically adds/combines to 20 and 2. He is over-matched to topple or make insignificant the powers of seven. Her weight, value, knowledge and intensity are far too much for six to counter. Naturally, we can see, six will be coaxed and forced to become equal to seven. There is no other way.

The ‘reel’ problem

Six is afraid of seven as seven eight nine – so says six, but six is wrong. Why is 6 afraid of 7? He likes Stage Two and has gotten acclimated and adjusted for it. He thinks all he has ever known is short life/death bursts and an endless loop. He has come to ‘love it’.

He wants to stay a 1/2 loaf adventurer, forever. He is god unto himself and regardless of the conflicts and pain, he wants to remain!

Reign Six Rain

He will take the rain and all the disdain.
He likes the journeys from rich to plain.
He came to love the ride on the train.

He cannot remember from whence he came
He lives, he peaks, he ends up lame.
He comes to accept he is the one tame.

This life, my wife and all the strife
I try I buy I sigh – I wonder why
Is it me or is something in the sky

I want to go, but here is the show
The air is clear I feel the wind blow
I want badly to know the end of no

When six realizes he worked for a pay
he will know the night and the day
Are inside his body to show the way

Six will realize his purpose and become friends and mates with 7 and all the numbers and the plan:

Fear Gone – Ears On

6 will lose it’s fear of 7 and join her in the center of the 8 where the target or exit point is. Together, 6 and 7 will leap together as a team of Ma’at – into the “X” of the Eight, the exit point to prove achievement and worthiness to meet 9 where they will become. In an instant they will return to One with full Wisdom. GO Game Over GO! Fame Game O VER. — (-:

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“Y6” is afraid of seven, six is wandering:
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