By being adepts at this language without words, we can contract or expand (inward/outward) our face muscles. This effort produces many variations of thousands of different messages that provide cues to our overall emotional state, insta/auto feelings about the immediate situation, our mental well-being, personality, mood, physical health, creditability and “do we view others as creditable”.

When we look outside our skin and at the cosmos we are witnessing the inside of ourselves ‘unwrapped’. We walk as tightly wrapped Universes. Our narrow minded journey has caused us to forget the big picture.

When we look at our inner self we see a shadow. It is the shadow of self-conscious, blaring loud rock music (life/death, worldy, sensual, emotional affairs) and this business is ‘hiding’ the subtle ‘all power and intell consciousness’ pervading all and the Universe wherever ‘dark matter’ is declared and everywhere else too. We are living inside god consciousness as individuated ‘god beings’. We are in a trinity. 1, 2 3.

Creation2Completion YT

Problems are solved, not by new information, everything is/always been from one source of equal measure. We progress by re-arranging what is known all along.

Come over to my place to discuss our origin and destiny.

Turning something into nothing or making something appear from nothing. Is called “ex nihilo”. It is accomplished from using words or the word. Yup, “the word” is from and inside you. Fully accessible and all it’s wonder. Anyone shown how can do it and in fact we do it all day and it happens billions of times inside us. Yes you are God and so am I and all others here.

The reason this is possible is that all we see with our eyes is in fact rendered by the same magic you declare you do not have. There! en hilio! You are now magically made into tobor. It worked! You are God and ignorant at once, wow!

This sensual world is an illusion created by our very own minds. We can tangle it or untangle it or entangle it. This is our tango.

thank you brother, when we look at other people’s faces, we are looking directly at God’s face. The human face has special muscles around the sensuals called mimetic muscles, 43 have been labelled/identified, craniofacial, Occipitofrontalis, Temporoparietalis, Procerus, Nasalis, Depressor septi nasi, Orbicularis oculi, Corrugator supercilii, Depressor supercilii, Auricular, ( anterior, superior and posterior) Orbicularis oris, etc.

Face to face contact

causes a communication of a language without words learned from first baby to mother gaze on.

Face to face contact must not be lost, it is key. We have an expansive essay on this in drafts (I have over 200 in there, 700 published on our blog), I will complete it from this impetus and link you.

Our spoken and heard speech has thousands of codes of language within it. It is a learned language but not of words. It is memorized and associated to all human aspects like location, sensation, emotion, survival and so on. Our receiving and transmission of this ‘language’ becomes our uniqueness, our seasoning comparison against all others.

The 7th cranial nerve is the facial nerve, which exits the cerebral cortex and emerges from your skull right in front of your ears. Then splits into five primaries: temporal, zygomatic, buccal, mandibular and cervical. These reach the face and allow enervations to twist and contort the face using your brain/heart function and your will.

The number of facial muscles and ability to exploit them varies greatly from 2 to 1 across populations. It will be covered in our upcoming essay. Ignorance is winning most battles today.

In our face we express even more profoundly and that also is a ‘language of gods’. It is learned and then associations are made through interpreations, contemplation and experiences along with peer approval and disapproval.

62-26 frown muscles vs smile muscles needed. Our face and speech transmits packets of data that can be received and built on. We make these muscles by exerting inward or outward application to these muscles we have learned to use so effortlessly.

Stan Lee tried to tell us with Thanos. His coming could not be stopped- not by a god (Thor), not by technology (Iron Man), not be brute strength (Hulk), not by magic or potion ( Scarlett Witch and Doctor Strange ) or collective will (Black Panther). I could go on, but if you don’t get the point by now you are asleep at the wheel.

When you look in the mirror, you DO NOT SEE A MIRROR IMAGE. It is a counter or opposite of you, a fake!

In your two hands, you may see a mirror of yourself in those two hands. Exact mirror. You will NEVER see your mirror of your face. NEVER! Only another can see your face as a mirror.


knot racism — RACES, there is more than enough data and testimony to have an intellectual discussion

anyone who utters what could be interpreted as a conspiracy theory

should be hung in the public square until dead


— is to keep the truth ‘closer’ to the cultified professors and medi CULL workers.

ppl are so sleepy, it is like the old heroin houses I use to drop nut jobs off at when I drove a taxi

I have some really cool life stories to share — real life, real people, real outcomes

TV and make believe is the same I guess, who gives a ffk really?

dopey dopey stupid lethargy medalogie cunumdrummie

this is the most boring place on earth – right here

we love to hear our own voice more than any other sound as it verifies our ‘self-conscious’ as real and a viable part of our ‘god toolbox’ that we love to claim in our self identity as gods – which needs regular verification.

We can get that by finding any people who will suffer through our rhetoric.

white race christians are ‘more into’ separating things than brown people

knot racist, casually observable

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