This wisdom offered is to Explain the word MEN and why dying as MEN is HELL!

I explained my history of linguistic study and mentioned that I found many explanations, nuances, flavors, perspectives and ‘mental constructs’ that revolve around the aforementioned list —

ALL FROM A BASELINE of exploration of DUALITY/CHAOS as desired by the Creation and the Creator to fulfill Creativity of the Creation. The Creator baseline of exploring DUALITY/CHAOS incl day/nite – M/W – life/death = good/evil – god/devil –

NOW what about MEN and the explanation. All language came from eyesight and then ears and then tongues and then SOUNDS!!!


Next comes scribing – digits first – letters second. Since born from God, all things are PERFECT – even in the study of CHAOS

this was a response to a point made about stewardship, trustees and beneficiaries in regards to the Creator and the US Government

Watts my program

whomever I share this with no matter how much ears are on or emotionally charged testimony of desiring intel is – the receivers keeps repeating – talking on the same ‘program’ they originated their position, where the convo started at.

The progression of new thought/paradigm is CANCELLED somehow for almost all people, they have had their minds and decision process – STOLEN

NO NEW PARADIGMS!!! No way it is viable unless Elon Musk the toad says so, correct?

even tho I was not allowed to speak in this room – It cleared right after this text appeared – magic

We are leaning toward You

no worries, I am sick and write around 20,000 words a day, sue me
read 10,000 a day
listen to 300,000
I HAVE NOTHING TO ADD but nonsense, I am disposable, trash, no worry

back to typing where I do not have to disturb the air and the ears and the hearts
much easier to turn away, to slip away, to avoid natural destiny
exit is a phrase ASLO

God is Shouting at Us

God told me this in my ear there are
3 Stages of Creation:

  • plus –
  • plus +
  • plus –

Sure, quite the niceties you chuck around, vey heyzoos like — understandable since you apparently do not have an actual thought of your own – more like a lemming?

“X” is a Target

I “X”‘d It!
“X” is the most intense symbol!

It lives in the center of the “8”

“6” is sacred of “7”

Is why 6 is afraid of 7
destiny sucks as it might not have density or conundrums

Conundrums are a way of life. It goes like this: We run a loop of 7’s in life and nature. We allow ourselves to sleep through the X inside the 8 and we come out moving a different direction (R to L, then L to R)

This causes a ‘dream effect’ of our reality which the powers that be will not let you see or they will lose money

Apple Eye, Adam Eve – killed by world completing separations exam. All I talk to want to go down the garbage disposal and will not jump out of sink with me

CRICKETS EVERYWHERE, except the sounds of humans wailing and flesh being pulverized

SAD but required debt payment

Wake up SAD’s

this world and the people suck, why am I caring?
should I let them suffer, they want it real bad

the interest is in Interring EST

I deleted my messages, hurt feelings is all
all want to suffer and die and do not realize they have been quietly programmed for decades
unneccessary guilt
un required compensation
antciety — Today at 5:08 AM
as long as your playdough-ed mind accepts this lie as true – then you can make this misery happen

Your money is funnie

by believing it and focusing hard enuf, w big bro help – you will get it
antciety — Today at 5:10 AM
because a human being is a god and has god power – even to self destruct in depression and pain
oh weel – into hell, again
CeSRQ – Communistic system of control
r u a solve-reign, you sure act like one
ken4442 — Today at 5:16 AM
yes…… but there are many in need of help, what is focused on is varied.
antciety — Today at 5:19 AM
why will my solve-reign be alone in the desert?
until a ksum DR ONE stops by to tag us
ken4442 — Today at 5:20 AM
I and you are not alone.
antciety — Today at 5:20 AM
in dualistic view a solve-reign can be for the Male aspect goal or the other, both will arrive at same location


  • 1-9 Creation2Completion
  • Creation2Completion 1-9
  • 678! lgbt wins a Phoenix & the Vegas – 1-9 Creation2Completion
  • 678! lgbt wins a Phoenix & the Vegas — — Today (5 days since S-election) we wait from the burning Phoenix and the vegas to determine the medusa selection charade.
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