9 Chapters – Twins named Humility/Pride

9 Chapters – Twins named Humility/Pride
Use this book to change your life.

the monument london staircase

Xmas Book: 9 Chapters Mental Constructions

Xmas Book: Mental Constructions
9 Chapters to cover mentally created reality.

Does Everything Matter? or Knot

Does Everything Matter?

The global PTB/elite utilize religion as a tool to manipulate people into obeying them. They have no ‘Faith’ as they profess. Pure conmen. Whether the words or expressions refer to Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Atheism, etc., the intricacies of religions and their texts are used intricately/In Trickery as all of their tactics and tricks serve them well to manipulate ‘our beliefs’ without fear of exposure/retribution.

Order, where is it?

Order, where is it?
Man’s Order can be Perfect. God’s Order is Perfect.
Order is a cosmic association to the place of Life.

‘So Shall’ ME-Dia stole my friends – S & M = Slave Media

‘So Shall’ ME-Dia stole my friends – S & M = Slave Media – warning! –
Social Media is a form of social alchemy and spiritual alchemy. Same as minerals alchemy but related to mentalities and managing the population’s motives and beliefs. All the proof and historical documentation below and steps to reclaim your sovereignty.

8 man

totalitarianism ~Man’s Orbit around the Cyborg “8”~ total — aryanism

Man’s Orbit around the Cyborg “8”
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To shield our shame of doing this endlessly, we invent myriads of explanations, words and perspectives for every topic. Then we separate ourselves into groups or camps. This facilitates the everlasting explorations of separations and murder/death.

date of financial collapse – “a principled existence”

date of financial collapse – “a principled existence”

You will be surviving, everyone gets to. We survivors will get what we always cried for and strived for – just enough to get by with a little anxiety to boot, to season it.


What is Divine Creator + meditations

What is Divine Creator
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We pay our dues to meet our deus.
The journey of one to two and back to won is One.

Constitution of Egg-Rigor & Ekklesia

Constitution of Egg-Rigor & Ekklesia
#meditation #reflections #contemplation #inspiration
Ekklesia is a Greek word, Noun Feminine, translated in the New Testament as “church.” It comes from ‘ek’, meaning “out from and to” and ‘kaleo’, meaning “to call,” and has to do with a group of people called out from one place and to another. Ek kaleo means – “you are being called out”. Everything happens in 3’s.

Are Egregores Real?

Are Egregores Real? —
#meditation #reflections #contemplation #inspiration #meditations

Our enemies (“N” in Me) – are trying to make us ‘be alive’ with all sorts of lowly things and sub par standards. We own and have 100% responsibility for our actions and reactions. We must jump into higher dimensions – where we arrive as pre-determined winners. This ‘friendly’ battle we are having is ultimately, within.

Your Face is God’s face to Others

Your Face is God’s face to Others — #inspiration #meditations #contemplation #reflections #meditations

When we look at other people’s faces, we are looking directly at God’s face. The human face has special muscles around the sensuals called mimetic muscles, 43 have been labelled…..

Christ! Propaganda – Universal numbers – preview

Christ! Propaganda – Universal numbers —
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— Last 1,000 years have been all propaganda. It is and has been so effective, most people have forsaken any value beyond the last 1,000 years of data sharing. A super fantastic and splendid job by the propogandists. For the average Man – a huge fail – but a valuable lesson.

removing soul “madness” & brain health

task of removing the soul & brain health —
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—  …thanks to this vaccination, humanity will become immune to being subjected to the “madness” of spiritual life. … the vaccine becomes a kind of arymanique [Ahrimanic] force; man can no longer get rid of a given materialistic feeling. He becomes materialistic of constitution and can no longer rise to the spiritual. (Stuck like Chuck!)

Inspiration – the Sage

Inspiration – the Sage —

— Would we all like to be like the old sage sometimes? Able to chuckle at the most egregious dilemmas and explain the simple answer in simple terms. Seemingly always at peace and in perfect balance with his confidence of knowledge and the world as it stands. We know this man will die as peacefully as he lived. How did he get this attainment, this peace, this resolution?

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