elemental SET-thot-alpha-beta.

1-9 Creation2Completion – Chapter One

This book is in 9 Chapters to match “the order of 1 to 9 or 1-9” . This simple looking code will reveal the “3” stages of “3” aka “9” that Humanity is engaged in.

The 1-9 and !-(
keyboard keys represent the Human journey to Universal Wisdom. It blatantly displays aspects of our challenge between our self as ONE and our self as MANY aka MAN “Y”.

1!, 2@, 3#, 4$, 5%, 6^, 7&, 8*, 9(
!1, @2, #3, $4, %5, ^6, &7, *8, (9
alpha beta cigma

Chapter One – What, Where, When, Who Am I

We are human beings, co-creators with Mother Earth who are manifested from the One True Creator. Out of our triality have been born and we have created many things and many versions of life, death, density, etherical, animate, inanimate and in between. We are the most exalted beings with Earth but also the caretakers of all living things. As you can see casually, many matters now need to be resolved. Our pure world of love, beauty and joy now includes an exploration of hate, murder, con men and disgust. To what end?

Many men have come to write out the format of life and humanity. Today, humans are born as Twins in a Twin world where everything has a counter – even within our own bodies and brains. Our mission is to find the meaning of life and this experience.

  • Your Magnificent Body – A Triune creation, combination and union. An etherical being having a co-created density experience of discovery, progression and completion. A collection of layers, systems, history and new changing potentials flux forever. Each particle or human cell contains intense complexity, power and data retention and sharing ability across many locations within the body. Your physical body moves when your Emotional and Mental body say to move. All alive and viable from one mysterious but absolutely precise, concise, all intelligent and all powerful Emanation.

The body adapts and builds – to include self preservation fat deposits and it builds blood vessels to larger fat deposits as they get filled with many many toxic arrangements and combinations. These waste sites must be maintained or you will die or feel great pain. It is an amazing auto controlled system of the physical body to maintain life. It self maintains and alarms the user – you ringing the bell twice with inner feelings of lethargy and unsightly fat bubbling off your bones. Your triad of physical and emotional/mental bodies are CO-EXISTING, regardless of circumstance.

The Emotional body is largely responding to your events and thoughts memories and your resolution of them. Somethings are resolved, some partly resolved, others are unresolved. The Emotional body has a similar setup for handling overloads of toxicity as the Physical body does. When you are loaded with unresolved issues, emotionally, your Emotional body puts them into storage until they are resolved. Unresolved ideas or events cause emotional toxicity. AKA, emotional triggers when we ‘auto-respond’ in a distasteful and hurtful manner. Hurting our progress and others.

They can be ignored and/or covered up with noise and distraction. But like fat deposits, if you do not address them, your bodies will maintain storage units for them until you do. This will bring you closer to death. Such is Life.

  • Top 3 Things – The top three things to do daily for peace and clarity. ONE: Declare your intentions toward peace and clarity and focus on them. TWO: Make time in your schedule for screens off and contemplation. THREE: Maintain sleep, rest and alkaline forming foods.
  • Taking Care of Body – simple techniques to improve your health and strength and get other people to smile at you. Techniques on how to appear confident and at peace in front of others. ONE: How you set your facial expression is how you will feel. What you focus on is what you will become. TWO: Eat one raw lemon each morning before eating. THREE: Use it or lose it. Make time for physical strength exercise and activities. Take a walk.
  • Taking Care of Mind – learn how to feed your mind. What, when and what proportions. Learn to self govern and self determine all outcomes in your world. Wasted efforts lead to wasted outcomes. Plan ahead by making a list of what is most important. Try to match your time management to the most important list. Allow for change, it is the way of life. Adjust, re-make the list, improve, see results.
  • Answering Emotions – when emotions call, learn to instantly settle all matters. The emotions come after a matter is unresolved initially. Emotions can be checked by having them stay home when not needed. When your values and principles are based on a foundation of applying yourself, respect/awe and proven things about yourself and your environment, then there is nowhere for toxic thoughts or events to take up residence in your Emotional or Physical body. The sooner you know yourself and your world the better.
  • By learning to quiet ourselves to the point where we can truly listen to what others want us to understand – the sooner we learn all about ourselves and we are afforded relief, clarity and peace. Basically, it is a way to trim the fat of your Emotional body.
  • When we want to remove fat from our physical body, we make changes and then we make it happen.
  • Same with our emotional fat. We identify it by listening to ourselves and others.
  • By understanding the person next to us, it teaches us about us.
  • When we start appreciating ourselves and others it leads to Humbleness.
  • These lead to the gift of Clarity, Forgiveness and Understanding.
  • The Emotional fat will be promptly identified and it will fade, overnight! The path to repair and knowing thyself.
  • Answering Intuition – where does it come from and how to make it 100% reliable, ‘call-able ‘ and tap-able. Ultimately able to make instant decisions and see things that need attention in advance. Techniques to answer tough questions with 100% confidence. Intuition is a reservoir of wisdom and knowledge from every age. Intuition is based on fairness. If your question includes the need for fairness than intuition is freely available by getting quiet, make lists, listen to your thoughts and feelings. Repeat until done.

If you find yourself unhappy, confused, afraid or ashamed then you have emotional toxic storage units in your emotional body or AKA “unresolved issues”. Most times, when charged events happen, we do not understand why or resolve it, we store the memory and attach elements of the events as triggers to remind us it was unresolved.

Same as your Physical body, your Emotional body reminds you of unresolved issues. The keyword is unresolved. When we get to know ourselves by listening to ourselves and others, then we can identify that. Resolve our personal roadblocks and lose judgement of self. This leads to automatically losing judgement of others and finding appreciation in all things.

Triality Format (trial) of Water, Earth & Human
container, field, catalyst

The format of Earth and Humans is a triality of an in/out dynamic container, an energetic intelligence field and a creator designed motive/impetus – catalyst. Or reason, method, prize. Or container, field, catalyst.

KAILASA’S Nithyanandapedia explains the Water, Earth & Human format inadvertently in the description of the ideal kShetra,
(a Hindu Temple or Sacred Location/Holy Site):

the container
is called murti – “made of a special material that can reflect and hold energy for sustained periods of time without disintegrating”

the field
is called sthalam – “serve as natural energy depending on their geological positioning, presence of minerals and running water.”
(same effect on human bodies)

the catalyst
is called teertham “a sacred water body.” (same as the sacred Earth and human body)

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