1-9 Creation2Completion
– Chapter Two

Twins Together To Gather, inside One body
on One Mission – – To Win — 2 Win

The names of our twin beinghood are “1” and “2” or One and Two. We can create many things but all we create reveals the format of the Twins – “One” and “Two”.

There are many ways and metaphoric techniques and obvious patterns to describe duality and it’s divergence or convergence. We use 1 and 2 as they are the most used symbols in this regard we know.

We are all born as twins. The duality is apparent and powered by a third. Our Twin beinghood is assembled this way to match our world and mission as explorers in partnership with the One Creator.

We are each ‘uniqued’ to provide morphing and re-creation – thereby, a more thorough examination. With each of us ‘uniqued’, we become a “twin beinghood and together to gather”.

This “togetherness” sensation naturally gets lost in our own self creating and morphing of our “inner creating, thinking/feeling world”. We each assemble our uniquely created ‘self’ world, progressing it outwardly and within and sharing with others.

Amongst all the separation and selfishness, one thing never gets lost, the sense of “I need to be needed”. We display this blatantly and openly regardless of what spinning tale we weave and our literal actions and inactions.

Each of us have a male and female aspect, a left and right side, a logical and intuitive side, an alkaline and acid based OS and a range of opposing/collaborating negative and positive interacting agencies.

Our body shows two major energy centers that rule almost as King and Queen but they are the Twins that actively provide life and consciousness. These twins are the Heart and the Brain. Each have a Monadic center point of their power and Intel.

The twin to our power and eternal Heart center point is in the center of our Brain, the Pineal Gland. Both locations prove immortality to an observer. It can be ‘realized’ with study, adjustments and guidance. The Heart center proves our daily immortality. The Brain center point proves our forever immortality.

This book is in 9 Chapters to match “the order of 1 to 9 or 1-9” . This simple looking code will reveal the “3” stages of “3” aka “9” that Humanity is engaged in.

1!, 2@, 3#, 4$, 5%, 6^, 7&, 8*, 9(
!1, @2, #3, $4, %5, ^6, &7, *8, (9

We are Twins of Consciousness. One is self focused, the other is Awe/All focused. One is definable. One is undefinable. We walk this Life as both, as Twins inside one body. Each of us is a condensed version of Mother Earth and all her powers linked to the One Creator of All. We are Twins with the One True Creator of Awe/All.

In Latin conscius meant two things as most of our words do: con- “together” and scio “to know”, we have a different meaning in English, a very particularized view. In ancient times it meant “knowing with”, a partnership, “having joint or common knowledge with another”. One person having consciousness and sharing it with another or knowing together. – Consciousness/Conscious.

For selfish consciousness or to be self conscious focused was called conscius sibi, which translates literally as “knowing with oneself”.

Brain & Heart are Twins

The twin to our power and eternal Heart center point is in the center of our Brain, the Pineal Gland. Both locations prove immortality to an observer. It can be ‘realized’ with study, adjustments and guidance. The Heart center proves our daily immortality. The Brain (pineal) center point proves our forever immortality.

the ‘Human Secret’

The mirror effect we feel from our consciousness is displaying to us the “HUMAN SECRET”. Whatever we focus on gets created and appears in front of us. We are all walking Merlin the Magician, Samantha from Bewitched and every single entity you ever saw, read or dreamed.

At the same moment we are giddying ourselves with the exploration of limitation, particularization, hatred and murder – the exact opposite of our birthright of unlimited power and wisdom. A Twin, intertwined. In flux, always morphing, re-creating, multiplexing reality and potentials, moment by moment.

This Creation and Re-Creation happens billions of times per moment inside our physical body and mentality. At once it is magnified or reflected from within us and appears outside of us or rather “it is happening around us” and we must react or ignore.

This goes on and on, trillions of times as it enters our senses, gets organized by our brain and history and is rendered as consciousness-reality to our ‘eyes’ – and to and within our brain function of intertwining sensual receptors with our twin consciousness.

Many ‘techniques’ made rigid over time to form solid truths ‘explain away’ mysterious parts and functions of our anatomy as vestiges or left over parts from our primate evolution. This aids the corporate archetypes to keep your focus maintained on materialism and dramas. Mainly done with Neuro Linguistic Programming and well established hierarchies dedicated to mis-directions and ‘pressures’ on the populace. In an effort to yield the ‘best of the best’. Our enemies are in fact the “N” in Me. A self owned demon set for each person on Earth.

One side of us continues to particularize and one side wants wholeness As Twins made to win, we meet this challenge.

questions answered

“so when you talk about meaninglessness or disposable….. what is meaninglessness. You can’t change it so for there even to matter in the end, will it matter?”

— EVERYTHING MATTERS and is part of a sacred progression, the good, the bad and the ugly — all add to one whole or sum.

“and when you say ONE in the thing you said after this can all be viewed some how by everyone all at once?”:

We are all 1/2 unique and 1/2 ONE, the same. Our abilities are every power of Earth and God. All can be viewed at once with pure wisdom. Before wisdom comes, viewings and sensations and appearances will show up in countless ways. All manageable through application.

“but the collective parts of the rhythm and considering the whole rhythm of all the parts. When you think of the whole path you took and those who crossed also went into that rhythm.”:

All actions have cause and effect because of the intensity of our format, mission and the life/creation field we work and play within.

Each organ, each human cell is in rhythm by itself and immersed into the world rhythms or life providing field of intelligence and energy.

The organs/energy centers and the entire person are affected by the outside to a degree but not measurable against the single person’s will or rather potentials.

The rhythms of life and breath pass equally through every location and each life form. Humans are the most exalted and also carry obligation as the caretakers of their position and all living things on Earth.

Our collective acts play a role for each individual’s decisions and responses and at the same time each single person’s actions have an affect on others. The group dynamic very much affects the single person. And vice versa.

“do you think that we are all judged and like there is a heaven and hell kinda thing, that everything and the collective whole is put on the scale of judgement?”:

We are all on the scale as single persons but our actions that affected others are also on ‘our scale’ of judgement. It is not judgement but instead simple math. You get what you pay for or rather in direct proportion to your effort. Commensurate compensation.

“and you say one creator of all does that mean that we – like you said are ah – and that we all create the world that we see and also the world that others see?”

  • Container – Field – Catalyst
  • We create the ‘world we see’ through the magic of our container, the human body and function.
  • It is rendered within the ‘god/creation field’ we live in.
  • The catalyst is the Creator of all. All things are manifesting from One thing.

“DEATH” d’Eath? d’One?

We are still defining death as it may be seen backwards as presented. Some say when angels ‘die’ they become mortal, meaning when we die we become angels. Looks to me like whether you are an angel or mortal you are stuck here unless you break the codes built into you.

One thing is 100% sure. Nothing makes nothing —- not something. “Something from nothing” —- is a joke along with ‘dust to dust’ rhetoric, a big fat lie.

AI is Twin to I Am

“AI” translates to ‘Artifice-Shall Intelligence’ and 0/1. Ridiculous in appearance but a ‘frequency’ match to our “illusionary/make stuff up” format. AI is a particularized set of solutions or partial solution.

“I Am” is the complete solution to all matters.
AI twin is I Am
9-1 vs 1-9
IA vs AI

Inversions appear and always reveal themselves. Inversions and reversing is an outcome of twin beinghood.

We are formatted to match the world we land in (are born into). We are all exploring separation and particularization which causes morphing and aberration – all part of our mission as wisdom warriors. Many parts of ourselves get created and explored in this format.

“Unique” — means One Waiting

Everyone is “unique” or uni/One – Que/waiting, “One Waiting”, ow. The letters “u and n” are exactly the same.

uni-que, we are “un” “I”- ndividuals “QUED UP” – waiting. The lower case letters “un” are revealing a set of codes.

Our ‘world’ is filled with maps

All letters, sounds, words and symbols and digits have major influence and literally “assemble themselves” according to the Earth Mother natural rhythms born to her from the One and literally HAND US THE CODES to reveal ourselves. Our language is a map to all answers.

We are the Heru children remains of a world studied for millions of years. Of course thoroughfares and routes to complete are included! Everywhere outside our skin and all contained within, at once!

We are experiencing the ultimate ‘Twin’ experience. “To Win”! Our Twin experience means we carry two countering twins of our self inside one body.

The identity of the Twins is One and Two.

The same for each of us, however over aeons and progressively increasing accumulations of experiences, we have morphed to include identifying ourselves uniquely as ‘shadow’ gods unto ourselves. Completely autonomous from the world energy field or a creator of all.

At once, the Creator provides all and rides as a holographic particle of All Things and Wisdom within each beating Heart.

The next chapter, chapter 3 shows the maps to our victory inside the communication and energy exchanges we use. The 3rd is the “reason behind” everything or the impetus to our shared twin experience. To be explained in Chapter 3..

Our Mission is going well

We are getting our mission accomplished and making it as fruitful and without pain as we can muster. However, exploring every particle includes awareness of every aspect of pain or anguish.

Our world is one proposal after another. When we are not making proposals/suggestions – we are receiving them. Our consciousness provides all aspects of what to see, when to see, how to see and how to react in a righteous manner. Every Human is born 100% Perfect and Moral. The child has to ‘learn’ the world and learn to become worldly.

This is when the ‘fun’ and challenge of being a human on Earth today unfolds.

100% Twins intertwined
We are so dedicated to separation and particularizing that we have sometimes dozens of words for a single concept. Example: Consciousness:

advertence, advertency, attention, aware, awareness, cognition, cognizance, ear, hear, eye, see, heed, looking, acknowledge, knowledge, mind, mindfulness, reference, revere, reverence, note, notice, observe, observance, observation, touch, feel, smell, taste, hyperawareness, hyperconsciousness, advisement, care, concern, consideration, regard, watch, apprehension, discernment, grasp, mind, perception, recognition, thought, understanding.

All above related to “self-consciousness” while mostly disregarding nature, earth, the creator and the creator part inside each living thing. Basically, we ignore the conscious acknowledgement of the ‘co-creation power and access’ advanced to human beings and Mother Earth only – the most exalted of Creations.

The Twin to ourselves and our ‘self-consciousness’ is the consciousness of the One Wisdom which carries the impulses for Life and the Intelligence to maintain and progress it.

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