1-9 Creation2Completion – Chapter Five

1 plus 3 preceding makes four. It shows us what to be ‘for’. It revealed the fours behind everything and the force throughout all things. It brings us to “5”

1!2@3#4$– 5% –6^7&8*9(
alpha beta cigma delta epsilon

4,5,6 is the beginning of Stage 2 of 3. In Greek times “5” and “E” were the same value and symbol.

%5 is 1/2 of a loaf,
an upside down “2” – the one hand answer, disregarding his partner/twin. We will explain why the world went upside down but as plato described inferiority, at once matryoshka described superiority – outward inferiorly and inward superiorly. All will resolve. The “5” assures us of that.

“5′ is central in Stage Two and to all of Creation 2 Completion. Linked directly to the trinities or “3”.

…the ‘word’ is in actuality borrowed from previous civilizations. It means Speech, Sounds, Symbols, Language and Perfected Energetics. The first known use of alphabet was in the 15th century

5 sounds out to “F”-I’ve or F I Have. “F” is the sixth.

“5” is “V” for Alpha

“5” is a very dynamic and a most important piece of our puzzle. It is the central figure in 1 to 9. We could write a book or two on “5”. The synopsis below is companioned with a more data filled multi perspective version with links and credits on our Patreon page here.

Rome used V for 5 – XIX = 19 or xix

I V X L C D M means 1 5 10 50 100 500 1,000. They did not have a Zero. V or “5” is the signal you see in between the thumb and fingers – when you open one hand and show five fingers. X (5×5=10) is two hands showing two fives with thumbs crossed, hence the shape ‘X’. Roman numbers read left to right. Formed by combining the seven letters and then using addition and subtraction.

Today our Roman leaders are named guugel – the monster search box page. Now modern developments cause all writings and voice/vids to be downloaded farm sized data centers where it remains in perpetuity. The trade is speedy circuses and searches for the masses in exchange for feudalism, being tracked and manipulated by the Emperors. Guugel has become our central figure – our “5” of this world.

In the back rooms of guugel dominance is the sign that says “Quod scripsi, scripsi” (what is written is written). There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs. — This is the goal of guugel. The goal of guugel is to be the GOAT. The Goal of the GOAT.

Our ancestors were more aware of consequences of actions. They knew there about a reckoning. What’s referenced now is that God AND GUUGEL have the ability to know our every word, movement and most hidden realities, thoughts or fantasies. PROOF: If someone mentions an idea to me and I do not utter the word back – the ads and suggestions from gyygel are appearing on my view. Guugel is practicing to be GOD.


In Rome “5” is “V” or “v”. The Romans had an awareness of the dread of Masculine even numbers. The Jewish calendar is Babylonian and counts one hour into 1,080 parts of 3.33 seconds for each part. (1,080 in degrees is 3×360 – signifies complete synthesis and the Three Laws of Ma’at))

“5” is in the “S” form as it is central. The “S” is 1,080 as it is 3 perfect 3’s joined, aka three “C’s” joined making the code “333” or as above, 3.33. The “S” and the “5” are both central figures.

Babbel Onians

They had a legacy system called sexagesimal and it still survives to this day, in the form of degrees (360° in a circle or 60° in an angle of an equilateral triangle). IE, the circle matches the equilateral triangle in total degrees.

60, a highly superior composite number was chosen due to its prime factorization: 2×2×3×5, which makes it divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12.

Ma’at uses 5 in the center

In the the Laws of Ma’at, the Ennead and the Pantheon of the Neteru/Nature we see that Panta/pantheon – is a form of ‘Penta’ which means five (5). Five (5) is the perfect counting pattern credited to Pythagoras, and Heru represents the number five (5) or Penta, which is the model for all Panta. (All Neteru) – all nature is imprisoned, self imposed in. Contained and protected. Able to hold sustained energy and reflect it.

My Whirled – “I” alone determine what is good and what is evil. This is a freedom that is at once an anti-freedom. A mentality that is void of logos, reason, logic or ordering principle but at the same time offers opportunity to explore every particle of logic and illogic.

“5” is a union of feminine and masculine. A balance of the two energies. 5 candles are lit in weddings to show this. “5” has both yin, yang and the 5th within its beinghood.

“5” can reproduce itself. 5×5-25, 5×15=75, 5×25-125. “5” is represented the mental nature where an idea increases exponentially, not linearly. A multiplier. It also represents judgement, strength, severity as part of it’s contract with Creation. It represents the entire Creation and Scales of Justice and Balance of Ma’at. (Mother Earth).

Digits are called numbers or symbols. They are the language of the Universe. In India Allah means Arm Leg Leg Arm Head or All-Ah. 5 letters. MAN means Master Able Noble.

“H” is the number 8 numerologically. The H is in Human also. In ancient terms:

Hu = Divine Utterance (H is breath, “U” is you)
Man = “creation/manifestation” (Master Able Noble)
God-Man = “planes of Existence” (of the Creator)

Greek Times the 5

In ancient systems, our Hearts are ‘weighed’ when our mortal coil unwinds. If we have a lighter Heart we are invited to Heaven. If we have a dense, heavy and shaded Heart, we are sent to the Dead Zone to be eaten and processed for a restart.

In the cosmos Asclepius is the only Human in the constellations. His 5 daughters, translated to English are Robustness, Hygeine, Recuperation, Rest, Remedy. Asclepius was human but was raised by gods and grew up to be the greatest healer in the history of humanity. The symbol of medicine, with the rod and the snakes, is his symbol.

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