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– Chapter Four

1 plus 3 preceding makes four. It will show us what to be ‘for’. It will reveal the fours behind everything and the force throughout all things.

1!, 2@, 3#, 4$, 5%, 6^, 7&, 8*, 9(
!1, @2, #3, $4, %5, ^6, &7, *8, (9
alpha beta cigma delta

4,5,6 is the beginning of Stage 2 of 3

…the ‘word’ is in actuality borrowed from previous civilizations. It means Speech, Sounds, Symbols, Language and Perfected Energetics.

A Force is Among Us
a child can easily recognize a ‘force’

4 sounds out to FOR. Four fours is 16 – six T-E-Am – 6 Team. Fours sounds out to force. To be for something also makes the sound of fours and force. These vibrations are matching to our consciousness creation and reception abilities and built in to our anatomy.

Man Saves Woman Save Man

When is the 4 and fours or Forces Recognized?

When we are for something!

Each of us walk as Twins. We are also ‘split in half or 1/2’, as one does not fully recognize the other. When a Man and Woman come together to resolve these differences, they find they can unlock each others missing pieces and misunderstandings.

Each 1/2 has the ability to become whole, if they work on it together.

This action causes the Man and Woman to lose their ‘shadow self’ they have previously cloaked themselves in. Their own personal identities and true power and purpose become revealed. Each helps the other without thoughts of self gain.

A quadrality with the 5th recognized by both. The defined 5th understood and the undefined 5th understood.

$4 on the keyboard shows the force and what many people strive for, money. But the desire and effort/application of self is also shown. The power one can bring out of oneself is blatantly on display. To be for something is essential.

Fours are a force and to be reckoned with, D is 4th, forward slash is delta or “4”, 4 is DONE or d’One, four is fortune, four is for tunes of righteous and intention. When you lean ‘for something’ – that something will appear.

4 sounds out to FOR. Four fours is 16 – six T-E-Am – 6 Team. Fours sounds out to force. To be for something also makes the sound of fours and force. These vibrations are matching to our consciousness creation and reception abilities and built in anatomy. An ancient map shows fours and force.

feng shui map

1!, 2@, 3#, 4$, 5%, 6^, 7&, 8*, 9(
!1, @2, #3, $4, %5, ^6, &7, *8, (9
alpha beta cigma delta

4 is a quadrality as shown in the ancient map above. A black side is powered by a white monadic (infinitesimal) point. A white side is powered by a black monadic (infinitesimal) point. A quadrality. The 5th is implied and demonstrated by the action of the swirl. What does four need to learn to go to 5?

Digits aka 1-9, speech, sounds, symbols, words and language are ordered, shaped and spoken to reveal their partnership between men and their maker/creator and man’s partnership with Earth. All speech and language, including 1-9 are perfectly formatted to allow interaction between One and Two. Three is the catalyst between One and Two. Four is the result.

Four offers matter and matr (Mother Earth and co-creator physicality). Stage Two of Ma’at Law takes Humanity into the physical realm as split twins, as we are today. Stage 2 is explained in chapters 4, 5 and 6.

Back to White to Black

From accounts of white men we hear a story of black men becoming black from an offense to nature and the Creator so they were cursed to be black forever. But Black was here first.

We also see all the original people from post Creation being Black and then Post Greek everyone in dominance is White. Is it a curse to be rich or to be poor?

Force of Good

There is no antagonism in this place as all things are of Equal Measure. All things have a counter of equal measure. No crime or act of peace is unrewarded. –N’One.–

All things resolve and are settled alongside many multiple potentials and outcomes. This is the reason we are in the “Compaction Era”, where All things, be they physical or spiritual – will touch and ‘hear’/’see’ each other.

The owner of pure wisdom is powering and partnering all living things, all inanimate things and all imagined things and all potentials as they adjust and change, millisecond by millisecond.

We, each of us, are the Apple of God’s Eye, as in the primary force of pure wisdom in all things. We, each of us, carries the entire Universe and all the history in it, before, now and after.

We can easily see the history of the world in the ‘grains of sand’. We also see the history subtly as it is handed to us and with intuition/contemplation. It is given through subluminal and mental manipulation to install beliefs in you as test of your ‘leaning factor’ toward your HOME.

below, one of many ‘maps’

Two or more characters (frequently twins) are in such perfect harmony that they seem almost to be one person with two bodies. They finish each other’s sentences, never seem to need to talk to communicate, and may even know what is happening to each other from far away. The same power inside each person.

Comes from your completely silent and invisible co-creator location, the infinitesimal center of your Heart

Metaphoric Meta Four
(meta-FOR-I-See, metaphoric) – I am very much FOR what I SEE.

The “X” has Four V’s

The “X” – 4 megaphones/V’s/projectors – all emanating out to the North East West South (NEWS) – all emanating from a infinitesimal center point. Spin the “X” for multiplexing, morphing, aberrations and a range/arrangement of potentials. If sleeping the “X” is a crossing point – while you sleep – if awake and aware – it is much more, a target, a destiny, a bulls eye, a home run, a home, home. “X” marks the Spot!

“S” overlaid on “X” to make it ‘spin’ creates “SX” or SEX and it’s loyalists, the four F’s directed by your ‘Drag it On Queen’ lizard brain of ‘survival’. When recognized, one can control the four F’s: Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing, F*cking. — Peace.

Inside You – a God-Self?

It is inside you! Half of you exists as a God-Self located and living within you, mysteriously, silently, in subtlety. But not so mysterious! This is your power and partner for every heartbeat of your mortal life. 1/2 is pure/perfect – Half is an expression of that

Our Hearts beat 110,000 times per 24 hours. Each ‘pulse’ creates a large harmonic field or aura that extends beyond your skin at various strengths or ‘distance’ from your skin, depending on conditions and your ‘make-up’. These pulse ‘waves’ are measurable. Each pulse displays a unique arrangement of color and wave pattern, 110,000 times a day, each pulse uniquely to that moment of your Life.

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