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Life led us to 1-9 Creation2Completion

Kevin Gilbert
Nina Wolfgang
A/V Team

We are from SE Oregon in a small desert town. The big city is our roots but the city uprooted us!!

Nice to see you! You are the Apple of our Eyes!

There is no stronger argument for you then that ‘you landed on this page’. You are the most awesome creation that has ever been made. Let us show you why the world is revolving around you and created by you.

We have been a couple for 36 years sharing life and circumstance. We have made many revelations, together, and have been studying and documenting the world stage behavior, human behavior and every testimony and document there is on Duality, Immortality and ‘the confusion’ on the topics.

We have been publicly sharing them for about 5 years. Each day we find more resolutions to our questions, more peace, more synchronicity and tap-able/callable intuition directly from the Secret Garden of our Hearts – that each has access to.

Please help us continue our mission of guiding one to find inside themselves, the truth of our 1-9 Creation2Completion, Duality and Immortality – available to all people!

The sooner resolution is found, peace is found, the sooner peace will follow in the world. Follow the link below to contribute any amount. It will benefit both of us greatly as what we give out, comes right back to us. The Human Secret.

You can use the links below to contribute to the project. If you want to contact us directly to offer some other kind of support with your ability to get the message out, it will be greatly appreciated by yourself, ourselves and the world:

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Here is our longer biography.

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