1-9 Creation2Completion
– Chapter Three

… by completing 1, 2 and 3, we are completing stage one of three. 1, 2 and 3 prepare us for entering stage Two of Three – 4, 5 and 6. As we all know, six will be afraid of seven as seven eight nine. Shall we proceed?

#Three ‘connects’ One and Two with Energetics, the Word and Perfection

…the ‘word’ is in fact a bible term passed on through memes. It is born from the early stages of Man, long before the bible text and it is directly referencing Speech, Sounds, Symbols, Language and Perfected Energetics

The birthright of a Human of Twin, learned and unlearned. One can die, one cannot die. The challenge of the Universe.

1!, 2@, 3#, 4$, 5%, 6^, 7&, 8*, 9(
!1, @2, #3, $4, %5, ^6, &7, *8, (9
alpha beta cigma

A (3) Triality in One Body, 1 x 3
a child is preceded by a mother and father

As everyone has heard “everything comes in threes”. Why is that?

  1. The Heart represents your Power
  2. The Brain represents your Function
  3. The Twin consciousness of mortal and immortal, your assembled history, experiences and location are your Reason & Catalyst.

#3 is the # sign on the keyboard over top of 3. The numeral 3 is the communicator, the inter-connector. Three is what is famously known as “the word” per the dominance of the Bible.

However, “the word” as a phrase stirs emotions and triggers. But, what is “the word” exactly? It is a method and a means of connecting, growing and communicating.

Three is a result of necessity of being born from 1 and 2. A catalyst is needed of energetic communication and thus it appeared! 3 and “the word” are energetically connecting One and Two via proposals given by speech, sounds, symbols, words and language. Thought and speech from Human sounds and delivered to the ears and moldable minds of ourselves and others. A powerful energetic force, to be reckoned.

It is a perfectly formatted connection & structure that can organically adapt to the wills of men and at once ‘alter’ the wills of men. While still retaining it’s original energy for sustained periods and at once reflecting it’s energy outwards.

Digits 1 – 9

Digits aka 1-9, speech, sounds, symbols, words and language are ordered, shaped and spoken to reveal their partnership between men and their maker/creator and man’s partnership with Earth. All speech and language, including 1-9 are perfectly formatted to allow interaction between One and Two. Three is the catalyst between One and Two.

Common three associations: Three is the first odd prime number, the triangle is a stable shape, in our base 10 system, the fraction 1/3 is .3333333. There are many holy trinities across the major beliefs/religions.

We have a triune brain in regards to viewing it as:

  1. Reptilian or Primal Brain (Basal Ganglia)
  2. Paleomammalian or Emotional Brain (Limbic System)
  3. Neomammalian or Rational Brain (Neocortex)

Energy Centers

Each organ in the body resonates at it’s own resonant frequency and varies in pulse strength based on which organ and conditions. All interconnected through energetics and communication. Heart, brain, “the word”. 3.

Do a search on Sacred Sites around the world. These places all have the same triality aspect as humans. There interconnecting ley lines connecting sacred sites globally. The Earth has been determined to have communications between energy centers, the same as the human body.




liquid/gas plasma/ions solid

A few 3’s Resources

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