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1-9 Creation2Completion – intro

‘walking immortal twins’

This book is in 9 Chapters to match “the order of 1 to 9 or 1-9” . This simple looking code will reveal the “3” stages of “3” aka “9” that Humanity is engaged in.

Shortly after matter and matr began on Earth, men learned to communicate with symbols and speech. The great journey of Man was remembered by these men as in three stages by the Laws of Ma’at One, Two and Three.

All concisely explained here. The three stages of Humanity in 3 stages each. Your immortality is about to be proven.

The 1-9 and !-( keys represent the Human journey to Universal Wisdom. It displays aspects of our challenge between our self as ONE and our self as MANY aka MAN “Y”. 123 below:

The digit keys metaphorically and through energy exchanges represent a map of the 3 stages of Man:

Magnetic – Electric – Sum
Equal Measured – Sum
1!, 2@, 3#, 4$, 5%, 6^, 7&, 8*, 9(
!1, @2, #3, $4, %5, ^6, &7, *8, (9

3 Stages of Ma’at Law

  • (123) Many of One = Balance
  • (456) Many of One plus One of Many = Chaos
  • (789) Universal Wisdom – Creativity Fulfilled = Balance

A Great Journey

A path of ‘Creativity x Completion‘ of our ‘Unique All self’ and our ‘All selves – Unique’. A path to awareness of the many and ‘the One Creator’.

All the times we have parsed ourselves did not prevent the truth and powers of the Human Condition from always being available.

Kevin Gilbert — Guru Bawa — Nina Wolfgang – the ‘Wisdom Warriors’ – Peace to All

Life as we perceive it ends, yes. But that is one side of our Twin ‘shouting down’ our more subtle side. We will prove with the history and testimony of thousands that we Human Beings are ‘walking immortal twins’.

Often refered to as the ‘alter ego’, consciousness, the soul and many other labels with the common theme of a ‘split’ of sorts or rather two beings in one body. One being is limited and unlearned, the other is eternal and completely learned.

One side is very loud and unlearned. The other side is very quiet and learned. You will learn to identify your two sides and make them harmonious.

This book shows where immortality is inside the human beings body. We will prove the incorruptibleness of a human being. In actuality life is etherical in nature and everlasting. We all live with both of these as true. We know we die and yet we know we do not die.

We disclose how we lost track of it and methods to regain full function of your immortal consciousness which will give you great powers over your will and relationships.

We have a lot of ground to cover so we have kept the book as concise and condensed as possible. Occasionally you will be asked to enter your email for further reading and there is a mega resource available at the free Patreon page. There are also resources for member benefits, plus discussions groups.

Exploiting Sound – Science and Soul

We can exploit the knowledge and acknowledgement of the power of vibrations to activate our spirit through the power of sound and vibrations. IE., Low vibrations = Negativity, lack of opportunities, overall lack and fear. High vibrations = Positivity, opportunities appear, overall confidence and abundance

The ancients who founded language based it on sound and phonetics but since those early times of 6,000 years ago, that base knowledge has been lost to the populace. Reason being, the citizenry would be able to detect the codes in language that reveal their true nature of being both many and One.


…science is now proving what ancient spiritual leaders have known for centuries, studies have shown that humans only use 8% of their DNA. This is DNA that is not activated but can be. We are able to activate our DNA – which is our ‘spiritual energy levels’ also known as Chakras in ancient study.

Sound Sensations

The sounds we hear and the subtle sounds “we do not hear” are vibrations that deeply affect our moods, beliefs and actions. They are vibrations and they literally change us moment to moment. Sound and vibrations are able to change our gene expressions, our mood, our beliefs, our actions, our next potential.

Most emotionally charged and effectual in face to face speech and then all other forms such as music, recorded or live voice from a screen or speaker. Sound is the first agitator and the first responder at the same time.

Our most influential sense. If the human is unaware of the potentials of sound and vibrations, they and their group can be deeply infiltrated and exploited. What would start as a ‘confidence game’, would end as a total domination of emotions, thinking and actions – a rancher and a cow, basically. In other words, we are witnessing the dramatic effects of Hollywood and it’s massive delivery infrastructure on the health and progression of a world wide audience.

Water, Earth, Human, 123

Two is our perceived duality and our position following One. 2 is our Twin beinghood of mortality and the 1. The symbol “2”, the perceived duality and the Twin express and manifest themselves in myriads of ways. We are shown 1/2 in many ways and in every thing. But 1 plus 2 equals 3. Here is a way to see the triality.

3 is the format of how things work. The energetic link, the communication, the reason.

  • Container means our mysterious water body that can hold energy sustained and reflect energy.
  • Field is the field of energetics and intelligence coursing through all things in the Universe and inside each Human Being.
  • Catalyst is the reason and Impetus behind all see, not see, understood and mis-understood.

Kevin and Nina Story

the possibility – what if
“Within your heart in a space no bigger than an atom, God has placed the 18,000 universes, good and evil, and the wisdom to differentiate between them. That is your farmland. If you plow that land deep with your wisdom and sow God’s qualities and actions with the knowledge of the difference and sameness between one and many – you, the re-created and unique particle of God, will receive the wealth of your soul, the bountiful harvest of undiminishing grace. God will be pleased and humbled by You.”


Since 1971 we have progressed the wisdom granted to us from a widely recognized and an authentic wise sage – mystic – Sufi/sheik, that his students named Guru Bawa. He settled in Philadelphia where the world would learn of his existence.

Bawa’s mortal coil unwound in 1986. See for complete works free to public.

He was first known in the modern era after being coaxed to share his great wisdom from the jungles of Sri Lanka in 1928. He lived there alone with the wild creatures of the jungle. He does not eat, only water.

We Intend to Solve the Riddles

Both Nina and Kevin have lived a life of protest against the unfair and ‘most times’ criminal world amongst Earth and Co-Creator beings. They were both looking for that special someone when kismet occurred in 1986. Kevin had just lost his marriage to divorce after losing his mother, father and Guru Bawa to death.

Kevin grew up with two but divorced loving parents. They both could be called New Agers or today it would be called radical. Both were oriented to peace, love and finding answers to the source of their life and meaning to it. Mitchell Gilbert, Kevin’s father had a large audience as a celebrity Peace Activist commentator on WDAS FM and was one of the founders and presidents of the newly founded Bawa Fellowship. As well, he was a prolific writer and published author on spirituality.

Nina was in college but under protest living as a well provided for adult in a big house with two academic parents of notoriety and acclaim. Her father, Marvin Wolfgang founded an important criminology theory, was well published, became Head of Criminology at U Penn and was highly sought after worldwide by academia and governments.

Her environment was no match to her inner sense of fairness and purity. Her deeper thoughts on fairness and Heart matters overruled the demands of the attraction world, academia enticement, social and parental pressure. She noticed little pressure from the people around her that had legitimate value, adding to her sense of bewilderment and protest.

How we met

They met in a public arcade hallway and instantly locked eyes as their friends carried on. They embraced without speaking or ever having known each other and a long kiss unfolded. An introduction was made and the two have been ‘locked in love and unity’ as a pair since.

Their dedicated love toward each other and insistence that “all matters be resolved and fairness be restored” has been their foundation/basis/resolve for life and their partnership.


Nina holds a Degree in Art History from University of Pennsylvania and is passionate about identifying simple solutions to the most complex problems, effective teams, and leveraging her world perspective to create a vibration of healing and tolerance throughout the world.

Kevin currently manages several websites regarding self realization and healing. Kevin and Nina also operate a re-sale business online of collectible treasures. Kevin has previously managed many independent businesses over the years either building things, driving people around (the taxi driver), re-selling useful merchandise or creative writing.

Kevin and Nina became a couple in 1986 and have become an unstoppable team. Not wasting any opportunity through the years to identify problems, injustices, mis-directions and noise. And what does it all mean to all of us and to Kevin and Nina? They have aggregated their study and intend to open discussions with others.

Both are originally from Philadelphia, Pa Metropolitan Area. Now living in a desert location – small town in Oregon. Many of their personal experiences occurred in or around the birthplace of America, the metropolitan city and suburban sprawl of Philadelphia, PA, since they came to Earth circa 1960.

A/V symbolic meaning

All the duality perceived and Twin beinghood, referenced above, is missing the three aspect but it can be found again. The road to seeing the 3 can be metaphorically shown in the symbol “V” representing Mother Earth, her Co-Creators/Us and reckless Creation. Two outreaching arms and a starting point.

The metaphorically shown “A”, is born from and made from the “V” and is tasked with restricting, limiting and compacting reckless Creation and resolving all Matters.

This was occurring post 1,000 years ago as the male aspect began to share governance and proposals of belief structures. All designed to increase and resolve all matters of particularizing Creation.

Each Human Being carries this challenge and All answers and resolution complete and in total within their beating Heart.

Guru Bawa & Christ

Bawa and Ieosus repeated the ideas scribed all over the hieroglyphics around Giza and other ancient world sites from 3500BC and further – “seek the Christ within”. Bawa called it the Secret Garden of the Heart”. It is a very long held concept not embraced in part due to the callings of the world and the forgetful allowance and popularity of the misnaming of Ieosus to jesus.

Christianity in it’s present form was a forced dictate, military enforcement and forced compliance after a monetary takeover scheme. All happening at the same time during the Post-Crucifixion 300AD period (actual date is 1300AD, Canaanite Romans were mixing with moderns until the 1700s). — It was an NWO/Canaanite/Venetian tyrannical takeover of minds and people. Some of the (bible) “buy ba’al” teachings are pure, most are embellished. mis-translated, subtleties removed and added. Entire books contained within – removed.

teachings of Bawa (teacher)

Bawa means teacher in Ancient Tamil, Guru Bawa’s native language. The story of Bawa is incredible. His biography and name are unknown as he would not say for reasons he gave.

He taught that all treasures of the world and Heaven are existing now inside every beating Heart. Many 10s of thousands have found what they were looking for with Bawa’s guidance. Below is an excerpt from an early published book in 1978, followed by the entire text from that text marked # 605 – The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh pg 233-244 (1978)

The text explains the three worlds every person is living in. Where to seek relief and fulfillment within your very own Being and Actions.

#605 from The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh – excerpt

…. We who have taken the form of man must understand and study the three worlds within ourselves and find clarity. The explanation and the learning is all here as the world in which we live: outside it exists as a show, and inside it exists as a shadow.

The world in which we see things is the dream world. The world in which we live is the visual world of the fascinating illusions of the mind. The world in which we study is the world of differences, separations, and killing, the world of tens of millions of occult energies. ….

full text from Bawa

Bismillähir-Rahmänir-Rahïm, in the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

My precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, all of us have come to this world, have we not? But this is only one world; as one looks deeply with wisdom, three worlds will be seen.

The first is awwal, the world of the souls, the world seen first in äthi, the time before creation began. The second is dunyä, this world, in which man’s body has appeared. The third is äkhirah, the world in which everything is known and understood, the world of the kingdom of God, the world of God’s undiminishing benevolence. In äkhirah, men are given their rightful status and live a birth-less, deathless life in eternity.

These are the three worlds that appear in man. Two of these are completely internal and not understood by men. They exist as a mystery, a secret.

This earthly world is seen both inside and outside man. The arts, the sexual games, and the four hundred trillion, ten thousand energies and miracles exist as man’s inner and outer world, and they control him.

In this world of creation are many visible differences and separations. Man has countless languages, deities, religious teachings, and occult energies. He has different kinds of intellectual knowledge and methods of learning. Within him, the energies take many different forms: elemental, illusory, and artistic.

These things change man’s nature and his qualities; they divide one man from another, section by section; they divide man from God and truth and then control him. When man leaves God and truth to hide in the fascinating darkness of birth and illusion, he loses the original, natural qualities of wisdom that realize the truth of the one family of man and the one God.

He leaves wisdom and travels on the illusory path of mental torpor.

While he lives in his body, his mind is reborn into various energies and illusory forms. Forgetting the exaltedness of his life, he begins to believe in time and to live subject to the influences of the planets which make him dance and shake. These planets rule him and cause him to fall into the hands of the Angel of Death. After his death, he takes countless rebirths, according to the energies to which he surrendered earlier in his mind.

We who have taken the form of man must understand and study the three worlds within ourselves and find clarity. We must understand their good and avoid their evils. The explanation and the learning is all here as the world in which we live: outside it exists as a show, and inside it exists as a shadow.

The world in which we see things is the dream world. The world in which we live is the visual world of the fascinating illusions of the mind. The world in which we study is the world of differences, separations, and killing, the world of tens of millions of occult energies.

The world of the souls is the world of light rays, a secret mystery world. The universe of the soul emanates from the grace of Allah as rays of light. When the soul and the perfect power of God merge, it becomes a mysterious secret: man who came from God merges back into the power of God.

Because we have been given the capacity to understand this, we who have been born as men must know the real point. There is real truth, and it is inside us, not in books. Truth exists in a place that mind and desire do not see.

This power will look at the world of illusion and explain the sights, appearances, and aspects of all the energies. From within the mystery, it will reveal the story and the knowledge which exist as a secret, not within the mind, but within man’s inner heart, (his qalb), which is beyond earth, fire, water, air, ether, mind, and desire.

This is the eighth level, the eighth heaven, firdaus, which has been built for man by God with God’s qualities, conduct, and actions. If man can be in firdaus, from there he will be able to see all of everything and receive the wealth and divine knowledge of the three worlds. Then he will accept nothing other than Allah.

“You must place your faith in the one indestructible, imperishable God. To do this, you must stop depending on the kings, forces, and armies within you. When you give up all this and stand defenseless and alone, saying, O God, it is all Your will! The sheikh will stand by your side. It is only when you surrender to Allah that the sheikh, who is the explaining wisdom of the Qutbiyyat which guides you on the path of God, will come to stand by your side. ‘Son’ he will say, ‘Now you are ready. Come, let us go’.”

The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh

“To all those who say they believe in God, please realize with faith that God hears every word you say. God hears your every thought. Realizing this, speak only what is truth and act only with God’s qualities of love, compassion, justice, patience, and the realization that each life is as important as your own.” — Bawa, January 10, 1979

intro ~ One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine ~ epic-logue

intro ~ One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine ~ epic-logue

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