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AI & Kali Girl gives a Whirl xxx Ahrimanic Deceptions

The Enemy has been brightly identified below. It is Mr Electricity aka AI aka economics/existentialism/materialism. Other aliases are 1/2urge, demiurg, Lucifer, Jesus and Ahriman (and especially Abraham). It only works against the natural “N” in … Read more

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Astral Earth – Heaven – Angels & Indigo Everywhere

Death Dying Die This final biblical vision of heaven is a lot like the garden of Eden – complete with the Tree of Life, rivers, plants, and God – although this time it is also … Read more

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Am I a development of free will and consequence? Am I an accumulation of developments?

Am I a development of free will and consequence? Am I an accumulation of developments?

Is Man Attempting to Usurp (Replace) the Creator of All?

Since I have the circumstance and own a white skin suit in the USA I am in a unique position to acknowledge the white skin suit man’s perspective of placing ones will over another. I … Read more

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My Personal Guarantee to your Peace and Fearlessness via Appreciation and Humility

Recognize who and what you are. Use your knowledge and skills to find the Appreciation and Humility you need to evolve. Words are a funny thing nowadays. We each have developed our own private view … Read more

Conspiracy Theory – What Gives?

Conspiracy Theory is a tool of the Gov. They use the CT Operators to validate their endeavors and as a testing site to determine how receptive the population is to ‘Truth’ versus ‘the message’ being … Read more

Mini Spat on Quora – Controversial question on Quora:

My philo sophia is we are all condensing over many Ages to this point. Our mental problems, pains, issues and need for leaders is because we are full of data and intel from countless years and Ages of exploration.

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